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Occupational Health

When you’re ill or injured on the job, it can sideline your work and your personal life as well. At Providence Occupational Health Services, we help you get better so you can get back to work and the things that matter most to you. 

We help employers keep employees safe, healthy and well on the job – from offices, shops and labs to farm fields and open roads. If illness or injuries happen, we provide prompt medical care and assistance with claims management, health screenings, regulatory compliance and other important details. 

Our occupational health specialists help with every detail of work-related injury and illness, from administrative tasks to communications and coordination of policies and procedures.

We partner with a wide range of professions, businesses and industries. We work with everyone involved, including employees, employers, case managers and insurers for a streamlined and efficient experience. 

Our specialists help employees and employers manage paperwork, plan a safe return to work and assist with compensation. We also provide clinical and functional outcome tracking to improve long-term efficiency and planning.

We customize services to meet the unique needs of your business or industry. 

Work-related medical problems can vary widely, from mild cuts, sprains and strains to serious burns, broken bones, chemical exposures and traumatic wounds. Whether it’s an outpatient visit or a medical emergency, at Providence we provide prompt, comprehensive occupational health services. 

We coordinate your care across medical specialties to help you get well and back to work as soon as safely possible. Many of our locations offers the following medical services:

  • Coordination of care with primary care doctors and others 
  • Evaluation and treatment of injured employees 
  • Hearing conservation and education 
  • Infectious disease care 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Respiratory and pulmonary services
  • Vaccinations, including some on-site services (flu, HepB, tetanus) 

Our health tests and screenings help employers create a safe and productive work environment.

  • Audiometric screenings by CAOHC-certified technicians 
  • Biologic monitoring
  • Breath alcohol testing 
  • Department of Transportation physicals 
  • Employment physicals and screenings 
  • Hearing evaluations 
  • Tuberculosis skin test (PPD) 
  • Needle stick/blood borne pathogen program 
  • NIDA and non-NIDA drug screen collection 
  • On-site labs and X-ray 
  • Pre-employment physicals/Fit for Duty 
  • Pulmonary lung function test  
  • Regulatory exams 
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Substance abuse testing 
  • Testing for infectious disease exposure 
  • Vision screening