When it comes to diseases and disorders of the eye, ophthalmologists at Providence provide essential eye care. From eye exams to surgery, our ophthalmology departments offer expert treatment for your eye health.

Whether referred by an optometrist or a primary care physician, your ophthalmologist will study your health history and examine your eyes to diagnose and treat your eye conditions. Coupled with their medical expertise, they will use this information to develop a custom treatment plan and determine your need for medication or surgery.

While optometrists generally check and correct your vision, ophthalmologists work as medical doctors who serve as surgeons or specialists. Ophthalmologists check symptoms such as severe headaches or vision problems and can diagnose and treat a number of diseases, including cancer, macular degeneration and eye problems related to diabetes.

Eye health is extremely important to check as part of your overall healthcare, which is why our expert ophthalmologists and eye care teams can help you restore your function and improve your quality of life.