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Body Contouring

Also known as: Body Sculpting, Tummy Tuck

After dramatic weight loss, patients can find themselves unable to reap the rewards of their hard work, and often struggle with unwanted sagging and loose skin.

By establishing an optimal course of action for your body and recommending procedures such as tummy tucks, face lifts or body sculpting, our surgeons work with you to better accommodate your new weight profile.

Body contouring mainly involves using surgery to remove the excess skin and fat that remains on a patient after dramatic weight loss, often due to bariatric surgery. There are several different approaches to body contouring all of which involve changing the shape of the human body.

If you are considering body contouring surgery, you will be referred to a plastic surgeon for a consultation.

The consultation is an opportunity to learn how body contouring can help boost your health and improve your appearance. A consultation, which is designed to educate you without any pressure, may include a discussion of: 

  • Your body goals 
  • Your individual weight health and physical wellbeing
  • Body contouring surgical options
  • Likely outcomes of body contouring procedures
  • The associated risks or potential complications involved in body contouring surgery
  • The course of treatment recommended by your plastic surgeon
  • Any questions you may have 

If you decide to proceed with body contouring surgery, your team of surgeons, weight-loss specialists, dieticians, nutritionists and counselors will help you maintain the commitment necessary to ensure life-long success.

The results of body contouring are visible almost immediately. However, it may take as long as one to two years for the final results of all the recommended body contouring procedures to appear fully.

Doctors Specializing in Body Contouring

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