Doctor examining older man
Doctor examining older man

Joint Replacement Surgery

Our hospitals work in collaboration with world-renowned research institutions to develop the most advanced treatments for joint pain. Along with highly trained physicians, orthopedic specialists and board-certified surgeons, our hospitals provide treatments that are minimally invasive, allowing patients to recover faster.

Minimally invasive joint replacement surgery can accomplish everything that a traditional replacement surgery does but does so through a small incision. This kind of surgery allows for better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. 

In joint replacement surgery, the damaged ends of the bones and cartilage are replaced with implants that are shaped to restore more natural joint movement and function. 

Aside from healing and curing joint conditions, minimally invasive procedures offer numerous advantages, including: 

  • Smaller incisions, usually about three to five inches in length (traditional incision is 12 inches)
  • Smaller scars and less pain
  • Faster recovery and less postoperative pain
  • Reduced blood loss during surgery
  • Less damage to the soft tissues, such as muscles and tendons
  • Improved implants that allow for more natural joint movement
  • Faster rehabilitation and return to normal activities
  • Shorter hospital stays

Thanks to these new orthopedic surgical techniques, recovering from minimally invasive joint replacement surgery is now much faster. Many patients are walking with assistance the day of surgery and leave the hospital the same day. Many can resume their normal daily activities within four to six weeks.

Providence performs thousands of total joint replacement surgeries every year, with our patients often resuming activities they once thought would be impossible. The intimate setting of our orthopedic units lets you feel at ease with your care team, including nurses and inpatient physical therapists.

How Total Joint Replacement Works

An orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged bone while preserving healthy parts of the bone, ligaments and muscle. The damaged bone is replaced with a highly polished prosthesis (artificial joint), which prevents the bones from rubbing together, creating a smooth joint.

The operation typically takes an hour. The result is a more natural-feeling, nearly pain-free gliding surface. Recovery happens quickly. The muscle starts working again right after surgery, and you can begin walking the same day.

Preparing for Surgery

Attend our Preoperative Total Joint Replacement class to learn about your upcoming total joint replacement and how to prepare. Thinking about total joint replacement? Learn what to expect after your surgery.  

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A Preoperative Training and Education Class for Joint Replacement Patients

Providence is dedicated to providing joint replacement with the best possible outcomes and the fastest return to a productive life. In keeping with this goal, the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute at Providence offers a preoperative training class to help you learn more about your upcoming surgery and how to manage the recovery process. 

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