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Savi Scout® System

At Providence, we are dedicated to treating our patients with the latest technology. The Savi Scout® System offers technology to localize abnormalities and allow for more precise breast surgeries in women with early-stage breast cancer.   

The Savi Scout system helps locate tumors in women with early-stage breast cancer. It’s used in procedures like a lumpectomy, which removes a lump from breast tissue, or an excisional biopsy, which removes a cancerous spot from the skin. 

Savi Scout is a zero-radiation, wire-free system that finds tumors and guides doctors to them during surgery. It places a reflector into the tumor and uses safe, non-radioactive waves to pinpoint the reflector’s location within the breast. 

Savi Scout is an alternative to previous methods such as placing a thin wire into the breast to mark the tumor’s location before surgery. Wires can slip and require a separate placement procedure before surgery, adding to your overall hospital time. With Savi Scout, you’ll have a shorter procedure and more accurate tumor detection. Savi Scout also provides the added benefits of:

  • Removing less breast tissue 
  • May result in better cosmetic results
  • Increases probability of complete cancer removal
  • Decreases patient wait time on the date of surgery
  • Reflector will not interfere with MRI studies

Ask your doctor if Savi Scout is a good fit for your surgical needs. They will help develop a plan to treat your cancer using the best possible methods.