Doctor taking blood pressure of patient.

The Edge® System for Cancer Treatment

At Providence, we believe in improving cancer treatment practices and the tools used to administer them. With that in mind, we’ve harnessed Varian Medical System’s state-of-the-art medical technology and combined it with our expertise in external beam radiation therapy to provide an advanced method of cancer treatment.

The Edge® System is an innovative radiation treatment option for adults who suffer from difficult cancers, such as lung, prostate, pancreatic and brain cancer. It is a form of external beam radiation therapy that uses new technologies to administer high doses of radiation to help minimize and potentially vaporize cancerous tumors.

What makes The Edge® System so vital to cancer treatment is its advanced motion management technology, which can detect even the slightest tumor movement.

Unlike average and conventional radiotherapeutic treatments, The Edge® allows radiation oncologists to administer radiation from several directions and at higher dosages, while carefully tracking even the smallest move a tumor makes. This reduces the risk of missing the tumor and helps minimize the harm and potential side effects that occur to healthy tissue.

The Edge® System is a high-quality treatment that offers a chance at positive outcomes for cancer patients as well as variety of added benefits.

Patients who choose to use The Edge® System may see in increase in quality of life because treatment sessions typically last only a few minutes, without the need for hospital stays or surgery.

The Edge® System’s precise laser-like beam provides surgeons with the ability to treat tumors with higher accuracy.

The Edge® protects surrounding healthy tissue by using advanced motion management techniques that help detect even slight tumor movement.

As with all radiotherapeutic cancer treatments, there are risks of side effects. Undergoing external beam radiation therapy can cause include dryness or itching of the skin over the target, soreness and nausea. Despite this, each radiation session is quick and pain free.