Beautiful Heaven

Beautiful Heaven, eternal Homeland
You are all I desire
The world, its good, and pleasures
No longer have anything for me to envy.

Loving God, Loving God
When will You call me to Your celestial Home
When will You call me to Your celestial Home

Here below in spite of my vigilance
There is always some infidelity
But in Your Heavenly dwelling
We love and offend no more.

Dear God, whom I adore and love
Then, You will be all my happiness
There, You will fill my heart
Heaven is God! God Himself!

I understand, O Lord, You call me
Just a while longer to work
Then, I'll enjoy rest
And eternal happiness.

Reprinted from "Sunday School Hymn Book Compiled by Sisters of Notre Dame, Philadelphia" (Boston: Oliver Ditson, 1887, 1915). Originally from St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana, this hymnal was donated to the archives by Sister Mary Raymond, September 27, 1989. English translation by Sister Georgette Jean, December 2001.

Music Collection: Traditional Hymns Providence Archives, Seattle, WA