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Seward Mountain Haven

3336.0 miles away
Fax: 907-224-3798

Seward Mountain Haven

3336.0 miles away
Fax: 907-224-3798

The grounds of Seward Mountain Haven have four homes designed for 10 elders who each enjoy their own spacious bedroom and private bathroom. The great room of each home has an open-air kitchen, family-style dining room and a hearth where elders and guests can gather to visit. The homes also have secure patios with breathtaking views of Seward’s mountains and bay.

In this home-like environment, caregivers provide a high-level of nurturing care. Elders have the opportunity to be more involved in daily activities such as cooking, planning menus, picking furnishings and choosing décor. Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to visit.

Although the houses look and function like homes rather than traditional institutional nursing facilities, the quality and level of medical care remains high. The environment of Seward Mountain Haven, combined with continued high-quality long-term medical care provides elders with a better quality of life and may improve overall health.

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The admissions office at Providence Seward Mountain Haven is here to help you and your family navigate the referral and admission process. We encourage you to call our office, ask questions, and schedule an appointment.

To apply for admission, there are several forms that need to be completed. Some are completed by you and some will need to be completed by your primary care physician.

Important forms

Once a completed application is received, our admissions team will review the application in a timely manner to determine if Providence Seward Mountain Haven can meet the needs of your elder.

Payment options
  • Long term care Medicaid
  • Long term Care V.A. insurance
  • Private Pay
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If you have further question or would like to schedule an appointment for a tour, please contact our admissions coordinator at 907-224-2993.

Below is a sample of conditions and diseases we provide nutrition services for:

  • Care before and after bariatric surgeries
  • Child and infant nutrition
  • Diabetes (including Type 1, Type 2, and gestational)
  • Eating disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease management
  • Sports nutrition
  • Weight management

If you would like to find out more about our services or make an appointment, please contact us at 907-224-2800 or visit us at:

Seward Mountain Haven - The Commons Building
2203 Oak Street
Seward, AK 99664

Long term care services

Here at Mountain Haven, we provide a variety of nutrition services for our elders to ensure their health status. These include but are not limited to nutrition assessments, diet education, food safety walkthroughs, and food choice assistance. We also provide nutrition continuing education for our caregivers so that they can offer more to the elders. We strive to meet elders' health goals while maximizing their enjoyment of food and life.

Outpatient services

Food should not be a source of stress for anyone. Whether the individual experienced sudden health changes or have been struggling with weight management, we welcome everyone. Through conducting comprehensive nutrition assessments and counseling, we hope to guide you to making long-lasting health behavioral changes that promotes and enhances your well being.

Our Mission Integration Manager aims to live our mission every day and foster excellence in spiritual care by providing compassionate service to all of our Elders. She makes regular rounds to visit our Elders and assists them in prayer, Scripture, Celebration of Life services and special occasions. She is also there to lend a hand with puzzles and games or a just a helpful ear to listen. Participating in life engagement activities with our Elders helps build a relationship of trust and respect for each other.

She also seeks to integrate the Mission among Caregivers. Aside from meeting the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens, including being their advocate and meeting their spiritual needs, she enjoys working with a great staff. This is not easy work; it takes a special kind of person to perform this kind of service, and it is a blessing to work with such a great interdisciplinary team.

Worship services are held each Sunday at 2:00 p.m., which are led by different local community churches on a rotating basis. Each lodge takes turns hosting the service, and community clergy members also visit the lodges throughout the week and on special occasions. Singing hymns is especially popular with our Elders here, and many of the Elders enjoy listening to singing groups and special music provided by caring volunteers from the Seward community. When the weather permits, Elders can gather in the Chapel, located in the Commons Building, for singing, worship, prayer or simply meditation.

Our goal in the Mission Integration/Spiritual Care Department is to facilitate spiritual growth and enable each Elder to achieve his or her own individual goals along a unique spiritual journey. No matter what the faith tradition—or none at all—we are here to support, encourage and provide a ministry of presence to Caregivers, Elders, and family members.

Rehabilitation services

At Providence Seward Mountain Haven, our therapists are here to help you recover as quickly as possible and live a healthy life. We offer physical, speech and occupational therapy for patients of all ages.

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Activity therapies

Here at Providence Seward Mountain Haven, we have dedicated Life Engagement Therapists who create an environment in the Green House Home that provide opportunities for the elders to enjoy the highest possible quality of life through meaningful activity.

The purpose of the Life Engagement Therapist is to mentor the Shahbazim regarding activities and recreational enrichment. Our therapists will complete an in-depth assessment of each elder and provide materials or other means of interest to the elders for meaningful activity pursuits. We will also implement individualized activity care plans and activity calendars.

We offer an environment that embraces a culture where every person matters and everyone has the opportunity for growth, regardless of age or ability. We simply put the individual first and embrace a culture of choice, dignity, respect, and purposeful living.

Families are included in the activity planning process and our therapists promote good mental health by encouraging and assisting elders to socialize with each other and maintain contact with family and friends.

“An Elder is someone who, by virtue of life experience, is here to teach us how to live.”

~The Eden Alternative definition of an Elder

June 21, 2021 Update

COVID-19 Testing

Recent caregiver and a resident test have all been negative. Caregivers who did not receive the vaccine are being tested monthly, and caregivers that are fully vaccinated do not need to be tested unless they have symptoms. Our caregivers wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, face shields, and gloves as needed when providing care to our residents to keep them safe. Most of our residents and caregivers chose to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and new residents are given the option to get the vaccine. We are grateful that all of our beloved residents have remained COVID free to date!

Spiritual Care

Our residents are invited to participate in Gospel singing programs and recorded worship services in the hearth area in the lodges. One-on-one visits for spiritual care support and Scripture readings are available as well. Residents are able to request visits from pastors in the community again. Residents who wish to receive Communion are now able to do so. In July, Bible studies will be taking place in the lodges and pastors from the community will resume their Sunday visits to provide in-person worship services for our residents.


If you would like to schedule a visit to see a resident, please call during office hours Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm: Janet Durnil: (907) 362-1731, or Jill Hemstock: (907) 224-2993. Appointments need to be made by 5 pm the evening before for next day scheduling, with 30 minutes cleaning time in-between visitors for all residents. All visitors will be screened and asked about vaccine status. Face covering will be required and provided for visitors. Unfortunately no pets or children are allowed inside at this time, but please call Janet Durnil if you would like to apply/provide veterinarian documentation and arrange for a beloved pet to visit outside on the patio. No visitors are allowed for residents if they are on quarantine. Visitation will be in the resident's room with a safe social distance of 6 feet and limited movement in the facility.

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