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Providence Transitional Care Center

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Providence Transitional Care Center

Providence Transitional Care Center provides skilled care and rehabilitation services in friendly, comfortable surroundings. Care is provided by professional staff from a variety of medical disciplines, working together to develop individual plans of care to help each resident attain the best possible quality of life.

Our staff includes:

  • Physicians
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Activity Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Dietary Professionals
  • Chaplains
  • Other professional specialists

While the care provided at Providence Transitional Care may be the same or similar to the care you receive at the hospital, our setting is considerably different. We offer resident-centered care in an environment that is as homelike as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activities program

Providence Transitional Care Center offers a wide variety of events and activities. The program consists of large group, small group, one to one and individual activities meant to interest and meet the needs of our individual residents.

Some activities include painting, arts & crafts, karaoke, manicures, bingo, card games, movies, reading, special entertainment and holiday related events. Community outings such as shopping, going to lunch, going to the movies, trips to the fair, and scenic drives are also a strong component of the program.

The activity department staff also assists residents who are unable to or choose not to participate in group activities through our one to one and individual activity programs.

Activities are offered seven days a week. We strongly encourage each resident to make activities a part of their life.


Meals at Providence Transitional Care Center are designed to meet the therapeutic and nutritional requirements of those we care for.  Your diet will be prescribed by your doctor based upon your medical needs.  A nurse, dietary professional and/or speech-language pathologist may all be involved in determining the best meal plan for you.

Our mission is to create wholesome food with great taste in a relaxed atmosphere.  For your dining enjoyment and pleasure Transitional Care has a scenic dining area.  This area is known as a "great room" and offers a smaller and more personable setting during meal times.

Live-in pets

Pets are wonderful! Anyone who’s ever had a pet knows that the unconditional love and acceptance we receive provides for a fulfilling relationship.

Research continues to validate the emotional and health benefits of living with pets. This is especially important to us when our human contacts diminish, for example, through aging or isolation by disease.

Although individual residents at Providence Transitional Care cannot keep their own personal pets, they do share the experience of several live-in pets. 

All animals must have current vaccinations and regular check-ups with their veterinarian. Family and friends of residents can sign up for a pet pass if they would like to bring a pet with them while visiting.

Chapel of Our Lady

Providence Transitional Care Center provides spiritual and pastoral care as requested for residents and families. All faiths are served in the Chapel of Our Lady, located adjacent to the front lobby. Regularly scheduled services held in the Chapel include Catholic Mass, Protestant Service and Russian Orthodox Service. Other services are announced.

All services, including memorial services, funerals, weddings and baptisms are held in the Chapel of Our Lady.

When you contact the admissions office you will be embraced by our staff. Your application and medical information will be reviewed to determine if we can meet your needs at Providence Transitional Care Center and we will strive to provide you with a timely and respectful admission.

To apply for admission there are several forms that need to be completed. Some are completed by you and some need to go to your doctor for completion.

Please complete the following forms:

Take the following forms to your doctor for completion:

Volunteers at Providence Transitional Care Center are essential members of the health care team. They give generously of their time, talents and energy for the benefit of residents and staff. Individuals representing broad backgrounds in education, training, and experience can be found among the volunteer ranks at Providence Transitional Care Center

A variety of areas within Providence Transitional Care Center are touched by volunteer staff. Some examples include:

  • Activity Therapy: Volunteers assist by visiting residents individually, playing cards and games, painting nails, reading, providing musical entertainment and helping out with group activities.
  • Special Events: Volunteers assist in special events – including outings, music programs, parties and holiday events – planned by the Dietary and Activity Therapy/Volunteer Services departments.
  • Gift Shop: Volunteers assist in customer service, cashiering, stocking and overall operations of the Providence Transitional Care Center gift shop.
  • Nursing: Volunteers assist residents individually, transport them to activities, make beds, organize closets, and assist the staff as needed.

All potential volunteers are interviewed prior to being accepted as volunteer at Providence Transitional Care Center. Children must be at least 14 years old to volunteer without parental supervision. In compliance with the State of Alaska regulations anyone over the age of 16 years old is required to be fingerprinted and have a background check completed. After acceptance into the program, you will receive a general orientation. Specialized training may be required in your area of service.