Frequently Asked Questions

The staff at Providence Transitional Care Center stands ready to help ease you through this difficult transitional period during your recovery. If you have any questions not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office at 907-212-9100.

  • What is Providence Transitional Care Center?

    Providence Transitional Care Center (PTCC) is a skilled nursing rehabilitation facility. After your medical condition has been stabilized in the hospital, we will assist you in reaching the next level of care that will be best for you (home, assisted living, etc.). Our staff is anxious to get to know you and to help you create a comfortable, personalized atmosphere where you will feel right at home.

    Please note that you will receive doctor visits during your stay with us, but they will be less frequent than they were in the hospital. You may expect to meet with your doctor within a few days of admission, then every 30 to 60 days. In the meantime, your nurses will contact your doctor as needed, any time of the day or night.

  • How will I pay for my stay at PTCC?

    Since you are responsible for the cost of your care, we encourage you to work with the hospital’s financial counselor or case manager as soon as possible. There are several payment options that may be available to you, including Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, insurance, and private pay.

    We know that obtaining eligibility from insurers can be complex and sometimes confusing, so we are happy to assist you with that process.

  • May I have visitors?

    Absolutely! Your family members and friends are welcome to visit you during regular visiting hours, which are 8:00am until 8:30pm every day of the week, and at other times if necessary. All guests are asked to sign in at the front desk upon arrival.

  • What types of clothing should I bring?
    The short answer is, just bring “wash and wear” clothing. While we do provide laundry services, we are not responsible for clothing that is “dry clean only” or that requires other special laundering. You are also responsible for repairing or replacing any worn clothing, and because your clothing will be labeled (with your name), please remember to give any clothing to the staff for labeling, including clothing brought in after your admission. If you would prefer to have your family launder your clothing, please let the staff know.
  • What else should I bring?
    Do bring

    In addition to eyeglasses, dentures, walkers or other equipment, you are welcome to bring family photos, calendars, radio, telephone, bedspread, artwork, and any other small items that will personalize your room. The staff can assist you in labeling walkers, etc.
    We encourage you to leave at home: Anything valuable such as cash, jewelry, or electronic devices that may occasionally be left unattended. If you are wearing rings, please make sure they fit properly to prevent loss.

    Not allowed

    Personal medical equipment such as CPAP or BiPAP machines. If these are needed, they will be supplied for you during your stay. You may, however, bring your own mask from home if desired.

    Please be aware that PTCC is not responsible for replacing any lost or stolen items.

  • Will I share a room?
    We are happy to report that all of the rooms at PTCC are private. Additionally, you will have your own private bathroom with shower.
  • Will my room have a phone and a TV?

    All rooms have a private phone. However, you will need a calling card to place long distance calls. You are also welcome to use your cell phone in the building. 

    All rooms also have TVs with hospitality cable (limited channel selections) at no additional charge.

  • What about the food?

    Our dietary staff is happy to help you choose nutritional, delicious meals. Not only will you be interviewed to discuss your food preferences, but the staff will meet with you weekly to select your meals for the upcoming week. If your doctor has prescribed a meal plan for you, we will follow the doctor’s plan.

    Please let your guests know that while we do not have a cafeteria or vending machines, there are several restaurants nearby.

  • May I smoke the the Providence Transitional Care Center?
    PTCC is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not allowed by staff, patients, or guests.
  • What other services are offered?

    Along with 24-hour nursing services, PTCC also offers rehabilitation. Following your doctors’ orders, our on-site therapists will provide you with physical, occupational, speech or respiratory therapy.

    We also offer:
    Social Work Services, Activities Programs, Religious Services, a Resident Bank, Gift Shop, and Hairdresser/Barber services.