Newborn Safety

Parents as Partners Program

The safety and well-being of our babies is very important to our team – it is one of our top priorities. Our Parents as Partners Program provides layers of safety and protection.

Key elements of the program

  • Maternity center staff members all wear easily recognizable photo ID badges with a specialized logo
  • All new caregivers will be introduced to you by your nurse
  • Your baby will remain in your room, under your direct care and supervision
  • Your caregivers and your baby’s physician are the only person who should take your baby out of your room, and you are encouraged to accompany your baby
  • You are encouraged to always verify any caregiver with the charge nurse or nurse manager, if you feel unsure
  • Our state-of-the-art electronic band system includes a small plastic transmitter that is attached to your baby’s ankle after birth; if your baby is brought close to any of the exit doors, an alarm will sound
  • Video cameras, monitored at the nurses’ station, track all unit entries and exits
  • Matching ID bands will be placed on the mother, baby and support person right after the birth
  • We take baby footprints, thumb prints and infant photos for ID purposes after birth
  • Hospital-wide protective system is in place so all staff at Covenant help in your baby’s protection
  • Parents are taught Newborn Safety through our maternity classes
  • Following the Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Recommendations, we do not publish birth announcements in our local paper