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As our region’s largest health system, Covenant Health believes it is our responsibility to provide the best possible care for every one of the 1.2 million people we serve.

Covenant Health is the largest health care institution in the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico region.

Geographic information

Covenant Health serves a 62-county area with a population of more than 1.2 million people.

Our cornerstone ministries are located in Lubbock, TX - Covenant Medical Center, Covenant Specialty Hospital, and Covenant Children’s Hospital.

Combined, these hospitals have:

  • 977 licensed beds
  • More than 5,000 employees
  • More than 600 physicians on staff
  • Average daily patient census of 400
  • 28,250 annual discharges
  • 62,000 annual adult Emergency Department visits
  • 25,500 annual pediatric Emergency Department visits
Community benefit

We invest in Texas and New Mexico's health. Learn more.

Covenant Health is a member of Providence Health, one of the largest and most successful not-for-profit health systems in the United States.

The facility now known as Covenant Medical Center began as the 25-bed Lubbock Sanitarium in 1918. The facility became known as Lubbock General Hospital in 1941, then Lubbock Memorial Hospital in 1945. In 1954, it became Methodist Hospital.

In 1998, two of Lubbock's most venerable heath care facilities, St. Mary of the Plains Hospital and Lubbock Methodist Hospital System, merged. St. Mary Hospital was founded in 1937 as the 10-bed Plains Hospital and Clinic, becoming St. Mary of the Plains Hospital in 1939 when the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, California, purchased the facility. St. Mary of the Plains Hospital campus now houses Covenant Children's Hospital, the region's first and only freestanding, independently licensed, children's hospital.

At Covenant Health, we believe that as advances in medicine help physicians restore health and prolong life even in the gravest of circumstances, it is more important than ever for health care organizations to be mindful of the ethical dilemmas that can arise during treatment. Many times, conflicts arise between loyalties, responsibilities, rights, duties or values, all of which are good in themselves but which cannot all be satisfied in a particular situation.

In situations where there is no “right” or “best” answer and there is no clear consensus on the right course of action, Covenant’s Bioethics Committee has developed a resolution process to help patients, their families and their medical team explore options and mutually decide on the most appropriate course of action. It dictates that in situations where an ethical dilemma arises:

  1. A “committee of concern” will be formed that includes patients or their surrogates, patients’ family members, the attending physician, nursing staff, chaplains, case managers and other members of the health care team directly involved with treatment.
  2. All information about the situation, including information about patients’ treatment history and condition, probable outcomes, patients’ personal desires and other issues will be reviewed by the entire team, and all points of view are solicited.
  3. The committee will determine who will be affected by the resolution of the dilemma and what foreseeable harms and benefits will result.
  4. The committee will consider all alternative courses of action in light of Covenant’s commitment to our core values—dignity, service, excellence and justice—and make a decision on which course of action to pursue.
  5. The committee will develop a plan for implementation, and all medical personnel will document the process. Verbal feedback will be solicited from all members of the committee, to be documented by the chaplain.
  6. The plan will be implemented.

In all situations, Covenant and our employees are committed to treating patients and their families with dignity and compassion. Learn more about patients’ rights and responsibilities.

Covenant Health is committed to giving you the information you need to make good decisions about your health and health care services. We provide quantitative information about the quality of care provided at Covenant Health System. These reports show how Covenant compares to national standards and other benchmarks.

Covenant Health is proudly accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission welcomes comments or concerns regarding the quality and safety of care, treatment, and services that the hospital has not addressed. The public may contact the Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring by calling 1-800-994-6610. Comments and concerns may also be reported to our Guest Services department at 806-725-4583.

Covenant's Long Term Care program is proudly accredited by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

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