After the application deadline, Covenant School of Radiography will consider all qualified applicants whose application files are complete and up to date. Selections are determined by an admissions committee. Committee decisions are based on your GPA from college courses, personal interview, direct patient care, motivation, and character.  Applicants will be contacted regarding their status as accepted or declined.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) requires all graduates of schools of radiology to hold a minimum of an Associate's degree in order to sit for the national board registry exam for licensure. Eligibility requirements for the ARRT certification in Radiography calls for candidates to have earned an associate (or more advanced) degree from an accrediting agency recognized by ARRT.

ARRT believes that the general education courses required for an academic degree will provide a firm foundation to support the evolving role of the technologist and the lifelong learning necessitated by the increasing rate of technological change. Quantitative and communication skills and understanding of human behavior that are acquired through general education classes are believed by ARRT to have value in continuing to shape professionalism and advancement of a Registered Technologist's role in health care.

The degree does not need to be in radiologic sciences, and it can be earned before entering the educational program or after graduation from the program. Covenant School of Radiography requires students earn the degree prior to entering the program.

Admissions Process

  • Applicants who presently have a minimum of an Associate's degree may apply directly to Covenant School of Radiography.
  • Applicants who do not have an Associate's degree may apply to SJC or UP first and complete the general education and specialty courses determined by the specific degree requirements laid out in each individual degree plan. Upon acceptance and successful completion of Covenant's program, credits will transfer to chosen college for the conferral of the Associates Degree to be awarded.
  • Applicants who have completed the required pre-requisite Associate Degree course work through SJC or UP and are not accepted into Covenant's Radiography Program will have a choice of another degree option for completion with their college of choice or may apply to transfer their credits to another institution. 
  • Due to the limited number of positions in the entering class of Covenant's Radiography Program, applicants may have to re-apply annually.