World-class Cancer Care in Montana

At Providence, the brightest minds are treating cancer, and the biggest hearts are treating you. We provide world-class cancer care close to home for people throughout Montana.

World-class Cancer Care in Montana

At Providence, the brightest minds are treating cancer, and the biggest hearts are treating you. We provide world-class cancer care close to home for people throughout Montana.

Why Choose Us for Cancer Care?

At the Montana Cancer Center, we believe cancer care extends beyond conventional medical treatment. Through our unique EMBERS program, we nurture the Emotions, Mind, Body, Environment, Relationships and Spirit of our cancer patients. You and your loved ones have access to a full range of support services – including counselors, nutritionists and chaplains – all in one location. Some services are also offered at other locations in the community for your convenience.

Our cancer care is always highly personalized. Your care team works with you to design a treatment plan that fits your personal needs. For breast cancer patients, a nurse navigator provides support to help guide you from diagnosis to treatment.

We take a team-based approach to your cancer care, and we offer a breadth and depth of specialty care. This may include board-certified medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists, who use the most advanced techniques to diagnose and treat you. They work closely with an extensive multidisciplinary team that includes oncology certified nurses, radiologists, surgeons and other cancer specialists.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, but access to great cancer care hasn’t always been the same for everyone. At Providence, we are deeply committed to making sure every patient we treat has access to the best cancer care. We offer a weekly outreach chemotherapy clinic in Polson so patients can get the expert care they need, close to home. We also have a gift room with new wigs, hats and more, all available to cancer patients free of charge.

We value, respect and support the racial, ethnic, religious, spiritual, gender and sexual identities of each member of our diverse communities. In keeping with our Mission, Providence offers financial assistance programs that provide free and low-cost care to those who are eligible.

We’ve been caring for the people of Montana for more than 45 years. Providence in Montana features world-class oncologists at our cancer center in Missoula and our chemotherapy outreach clinic in Polson. As a Providence patient, you have access to the largest community-based cancer network in the United States. This means that your local cancer care team shares knowledge and experience with other experts across 51 hospitals in seven states. The power of our network is one of the reasons more than 1,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients choose us for their care each year.

Providence is known for offering options – and hope – to patients seeking advanced therapies to treat their cancer. We partner with the Providence Research Network and other cancer research organizations, such as the Puget Sound Oncology Consortium. As our patient, you may be eligible to participate in one of our many clinical trials. These include FDA-regulated trials to develop new cancer therapies.

Our EMBERS program is a holistic, comprehensive supportive-services program. We work with you, your loved ones and your care team to address your individual needs and concerns throughout your cancer treatment. The result is whole-person care that serves the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of you and your loved ones.

Your EMBERS program team may include physicians, patient navigators, dietitians, counselors, social workers and community partners. Your patient navigator connects you and your loved ones to members of our EMBERS team to help you find resources and support services. Through EMBERS, you also have access to a registered dietitian to keep your body nourished for treatment and through recovery. Our in-house counselor helps patients and their loved ones cope with emotions that can arise as a result of a cancer diagnosis. And our EMBERS social worker helps you address finances, caregiving, work and school, and other practical concerns.

Support Services Don’t End After Treatment

To help meet cancer survivors’ ongoing needs, Providence offers a program called EMBERS. Hematology Oncology Nurse Practitioner Alexis Czorny explains.

Find Cancer Care Close to Home

Every Type of Cancer, Expertly Treated

Our dedicated cancer specialists provide expert care for many types of cancer and related conditions. If you need highly specialized treatment, your physician will refer you to the Providence location and physician who’ll give you the best possible care.


We are proud to see our dedication to our patients recognized by US News & World Report, who has recognized Providence St. Patrick Hospital as one of the Best Regional Hospitals in Montana.

Cancer Care at Providence in Montana, by the Numbers

We are committed to providing our patients with compassionate, world-class cancer care. This is why thousands of patients trust the Montana Cancer Center with their cancer care every year.

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Find Clinical Trials

Are you looking for a clinical trial for yourself or for a patient? We’d love to help you find one!