Bladder Health Program

Bladder disorders are common as we age. In fact, many people think they are normal and live with their condition even if it begins to limit their activities. But there is effective treatment for bladder disorders, and at Providence our specialists work with you to provide personalized care that addresses your unique condition.

The leaking of urine, or urinary incontinence, can be a problem, but not all types of leakage are treated the same way. In some individuals with pelvic organ prolapse, the bladder falls from its proper place in the pelvis, which can put individuals at increased risk for leakage, incomplete bladder emptying, and recurring infections.

Who can participate?

Any woman concerned about her bladder health.

What does the program involve?

  • Initial evaluation of incontinence to include:
    • History
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Medications
    • Physical Exam
  • Education on:
    • Helpful exercises
    • Dietary changes
    • Fluid management
    • Medication options
  • Referral to Pelvic Solutions Physical Therapy for biofeedback and pelvic floor muscle retraining.
  • Referral to urologic and gynecological surgeons for urodynamic testing, consultation and surgery if needed.
  • Follow up consultation visit.