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Center for Outcomes Research and Education

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Center for Outcomes Research and Education

CORE is an independent team of scientists, researchers, and data experts with a vision for a healthier, more equitable future. We partner with health systems, foundations, community organizations, and many others to take on today’s biggest barriers to better health. Through this work, we deliver insights that help shape and sustain healthier systems, policies, programs, and communities.

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At CORE, our work spans a wide range of impactful research, evaluation, analysis and consulting, through which we provide evidence that helps shape and sustain healthier systems, policies and programs.

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News & Stories

In the latest edition of CORE's ongoing Insights blog series, our data visualization experts share six key steps to help apply an equity lens to data visualization efforts.
CORE is proud to announce new projects focused on housing the healthcare workforce, identifying long-COVID, and advancing health equity in the aging population
A new study by Providence CORE linked a Value-based Payment Model with increased use of primary and specialty care among patients. Findings also highlight the importance of clinical staff buy-in.
CORE shares insights from its work with various cross-sector networks, highlighting how collaborative networks are coming together to drive systems change and address deeply entrenched social issues.
The Providence Center for Outcomes Research & Education (CORE) has been awarded a $50,000 grant to advance its growing body of research on breast cancer health inequities.
Providence CORE recently presented our first-ever Data Summit, an exciting day of in-person learning and networking facilitated by our Data for Change team. Access slides and resources from the event!
Providence CORE demystifies the process of creating and using logic models
Study finds links between student mobility, health, & attendance; mental health & substance use in the legal system; & patterns of acute care use for those experiencing incarceration or housing instab
Providence CORE will share insights on care coordination and community health workers, value-based payments, and virtual behavioral health integration at the AcademyHealth annual research meeting.
The Oregon Patient Safety Commission and Providence CORE recently partnered to enhance the data strategy for Oregon's Early Dispute & Resolution (EDR) process in support or more equitable outcomes
CORE's annual report highlights some of the impactful and promising research, programs, and partnerships that we supported last year.