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Center for Outcomes Research and Education

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Center for Outcomes Research and Education

CORE is an independent team of scientists, researchers and data experts with a vision for a healthier, more equitable future. Our work focuses on how to shape systems, policies, community conditions, individual factors, and health care to create better health for everyone.

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At CORE, our work spans a wide range of impactful research, evaluation, analysis and consulting, through which we provide evidence that helps shape and sustain healthier systems, policies and programs.

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News & Stories

Q&A with Lisa Angus & Lizzie Fussell at Providence CORE: Translating data into action
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Researchers from Providence CORE will present at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, June 4-7, 2022.
Two new papers from the Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) examine disparities in access to care for COVID-19 patients in both virtual and in-person settings.
Findings from Providence CORE’s evaluation of the Building Healthy Communities Initiative in California show how investments in community power building can impact voter turnout.
Data experts from Providence CORE share 5 key practices for using the technique fuzzy matching to match cross-sector data.
Learn how CORE partners with Council for the Homeless, a nonprofit organization working to prevent and end homelessness in Clark County, Washington.
A study by Providence CORE highlighted the need for translation, non-English materials, and other language-related support for COVID-19 communication and care.
Researchers from Providence CORE partnered with the Regional Supportive Housing Impact Fund to provide a framework for more equitable research
A Housman Foundation grant will enable CORE to conduct research and provide data in support of local efforts to grow behavioral health infrastructure in Jackson & Josephine Counties, Oregon
Two CORE veterans are stepping up to fill two new positions aimed at enhancing CORE’s data and analytics work.
A new report by CORE illustrates heathcare impacts of obtaining housing at Portland’s Blackburn Center.
CORE is partnering with Providence on Geno4ME, a research program aimed at advancing genomic medicine to improve disease treatment and prevention
CORE will partner with seven health and equity-focused organizations to grow their ability to use data to drive and sustain positive change.
Learn how network analysis can help cross-sector partners assess and build power in their communities.
Here's where you can catch the CORE team speaking this Fall.