About the Center for Outcomes Research and Education

The Center for Outcomes Research & Education (CORE) is an independent team of scientists, researchers, and data experts with a vision for a healthier, more equitable future. We work with communities and a wide variety of cross-sector partners to take on today’s biggest barriers to better health and deliver insights that help shape and sustain healthier systems, policies, programs, and people.

The opportunity for health begins long before illness. That’s why so many of our projects focus on the conditions in which people live, learn, work, and play. These conditions, known as the Social Determinants of Health, are major drivers of health outcomes and disparities. We seek to understand and address these conditions and their underlying factors and build evidence that leads to meaningful improvements in health and equity.

About CORE

Our unique approach combines rigorous scientific research and analytics with authentic community partnerships to drive meaningful change. Our team can help you gather, analyze, interpret, and use data and information for better decision-making and more effective programs and policies centered on your community. We’ve also helped our partners access funding, expand pilot programs, gain new skills, advocate for policy change, and shape strategy. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our summary of services.

For over 20 years, we've supported some of North America’s most innovative healthcare transformation efforts. Examples include The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, Building Healthy Communities (CA), the Life Experiences Study, and the Tri-County Health Commons Project. We leverage that experience to help our partners connect the dots between research, innovation, and best practices. Read more about our highlighted projects.

CORE Partners & Project Locations

Our partners include health systems, health departments, Medicaid programs, community-based organizations, and foundations; the housing, education, and criminal/legal sectors; and many others. Visit our partners & funders page to learn more.