Community EngagementCommunity Engagement
We infuse community wisdom into all of our work through convening, listening, and true collaboration with our partners and those they serve.
Data collectionData Collection
We use surveys, interviews, focus groups, document review, and other data collection tactics to gather meaningful data to help drive decision making and change.
Data expertiseData Expertise
We leverage cross-sector and healthcare data to evaluate, inform, and inspire healthier, more equitable programs and policies.
Program designProgram Design
We partner with organizations and communities and use evidence to shape more effective and measurable programs.
Program Evaluation
We help our partners evaluate the impact of innovative programs and policies – and imagine how to make them better.
We use quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, and community-based participatory research to better understand the complex factors at the roots of good health.
Strategic supportStrategic Support
We provide consulting and TA for data, capacity building, equity and organizational assessments, training, grant writing, policy analysis, and technology solutions.