Athletic Training Services

Whether you’re a school athletic director, private sports club president or 10K race organizer, there’s nothing more important than the safety of your athletes. By working to reduce injuries, you can help instill confidence in participants and their families. That means happier, healthier athletes.

Providence athletic trainers have specialized training and expertise to help with the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, including emergency care situations.

School Athletics

Providence currently covers more than 24 Oregon high schools with full-time athletic trainers for a broad range of sports programs. In addition to immediate on-site care for practices and games, athletic trainers hold regular training room hours at their schools to assist injured athletes and help them get back to full participation.

Athletic trainers help parents and athletes manage injuries through education and follow-up recommendations. They also help coordinate treatments with other medical providers, depending on the needs of the athlete.

Youth Sports Leagues

Providence Play Safe

Providence Play Safe is an organized sports medicine program to help sports clubs manage, address and reduce sports injuries cost effectively.

We know presidents and directors of private club teams face important challenges around athlete safety. In your role, you need to:

  • Understand, manage and reduce injuries overall
  • Ensure coaches have appropriate injury training and resources
  • Demonstrate a culture of safety and injury prevention that helps draw more players and families
  • Do all the above with limited resources

Providence Play Safe is a structured program that provides that support, using Providence athletic trainers to:

  • Follow up with coaches and parents when significant injuries occur
  • Reduce anxiety for parents and athletes following injury
  • Guide parents through the return-to-play process
  • Facilitate timely referrals for appropriate medical care
  • Provide coaches with:
    • Injury reporting training
    • Useful sideline resources and materials
  • Answer questions or concerns from coaches and parents on game day, via phone or live video link

Play Safe also provides your club with overall injury analysis and recommendations for improving safety and injury response.

Athletic trainer sideline coverage

On-site Providence athletic trainers can further support game-day safety by:

  • Providing immediate treatment for on-field injuries
  • Ensuring a safe environment
  • Following up with parents of injured athletes, as appropriate

Athletic event on-site coverage

From triathlons to fun runs, it’s important you’re prepared to address injuries – for your peace of mind and for the participants. Providence athletic trainers can expertly support your event and provide the experience and training needed to treat injuries and address emergency situations.

More Information

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