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Doula Program


Doula Program

Providence Little Company of Mary Torrance is proud to be the premier facility in the South Bay to offer doula support for expecting families. We recognize the value in having a doula as part of your care team for the birth or during the postpartum period.

Providence is committed to providing birth or postpartum doula support to anyone who wants it. We will help you find a doula that fits your needs, qualifications and budget.

To get started, fill out the request form. Our coordinator will review the skills, experience level and personality characteristics you are looking for in a doula. Based on your needs and preferences, we will recommend doulas who have availability for your estimated due date or postpartum period. Their names and contact information will be forwarded to you, and you are encouraged to interview and choose the doula you feel will provide the best support.

Once you have selected a Providence doula, a contract will be sent to you and payment collected.

You may also select and hire a doula outside of our Providence program; all doulas are welcome.

Request a doula

During pregnancy, the birth doula will meet with you to help you prepare for your birth. The doula will be available by phone and email to provide guidance on what to pack in your delivery bag, classes to take, questions to ask your care provider and help you clarify your birth preferences/birth plan.

When labor begins, the birth doula can come to your home to provide support and help you determine when to head to the hospital based on the recommendations of your care providers and your desires for birth. At the hospital, the birth doula will stay with you during your labor and help you feel calm, comfortable and confident as your birth progresses. Doulas are specially trained in providing comfort techniques such as breathing, relaxation, suggestions for positions that aide in progress and comfort, use of the birth ball or peanut ball, and help of the tub or shower.

Once you are home, the doula will visit to help any feeding challenges, sleep issues and overall adjustments you may be experiencing. Your mental health is important to us at Providence. Your doula is available via phone and email to answer any questions you have in the first month, and if needed, can make a referral for a postpartum doula.

  • One or two in-person visits during your pregnancy to discuss your birth preferences and help you prepare for delivery
  • Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy to discuss preparations for your birth
  • Attendance at your labor and delivery, including emotional, physical and informational support
  • In-home visit after your baby is born to discuss feeding, sleep issues and other questions
  • Phone or email support to troubleshoot questions until your baby is one month old

We will work with you to find a doula that fits all of your needs, including budget. You have the option to choose an apprentice or experienced certified doula to provide you with birth doula support.

A doula for everyone

If you want the valued support of a doula but don’t think it’s within your budget, please complete the form and we will be in touch.

  • Newly trained birth doula: $600

    Newly-trained doulas have completed a doula training course and are working toward completion of the certification requirements including childbirth education, breastfeeding education, evaluated birth attendance and the certification exam.

  • Newer birth doula: $1,200

    A newer birth doula is certified, has more than two years of experience and has completed their doula certification. The newer doula often has served many clients beyond that of their certification requirements and has taken additional training courses. Certified doulas are required to re-certify and maintain continued education.

  • Experienced birth doula: $2,500

    Experienced doulas are certified and have more than five years of experience to apply to the needs of their next client. Experienced doulas may mentor newly trained doulas while keeping their clients’ experience their primary goal.

At Providence, we know the months after the arrival of a new baby can be both joyful and extremely challenging. Our postpartum doulas provide in-home care to support families as they transition into their new roles as parents, offering opportunities for parents to eat well, rest and care for their new baby.

Our doulas offer either daytime or night-time support. They are an extension of the support you received in the hospital with breastfeeding/chestfeeding, bottle feeding or pumping. They may do light housekeeping or meal preparation with the goal of taking care of the parents so you can bond and care for your new baby.

  • Newly-trained postpartum doula: $25 an hour

    Providence newly-trained postpartum doulas have completed a doula training course and are working toward completion of the certification requirements.

  • Newer postpartum doula: $35 an hour

    Certified postpartum doulas are skilled in helping expecting and new parents have the best possible experience in the months following the arrival of a new baby. They have more than two years of experience and have completed the requirements for doula certification.

  • Experienced postpartum doula: $45 an hour

    Experienced postpartum doulas are certified and have an advanced level of experience and additional training. Many of these doulas have more than five years of experience and offer specialized services, such as advanced lactation support or sleep coaching. These doulas may also maintain additional credentials and mentor our newly-trained doulas.

A doula visits a pregnant patient.

Improving Experiences and Outcomes

The Providence Doula Program at Providence Little Company Mary Torrance was established in Spring 2022. The initiative to create a doula program was based on the robust research showing that patients with doulas reported better experiences, had fewer Cesareans and needed fewer interventions than patients without doulas.

Become a Providence Doula

Are you a birth or postpartum doula interested in joining a hospital-based program? Tell us a little about yourself.

A doula visits a pregnant patient.