Program Structure and Goals

The Providence Doula Program retains 20 percent of the fee paid by self-pay doula clients; the other 80 percent goes to the doula providing care. The 20 percent is split between the costs to administer the program and funds to provide free doula care for low-income families. The independently-contracted doulas who work within the Providence Doula Program value the ability to make this contribution to families in the community who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford doula care.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Enhance families’ birth experiences and outcomes by increasing the use of doula services

We hope to enhance our patients’ experience by providing continuous support throughout, allowing them to feel safe to birth and care for their babies while supporting the research that shows doulas are essential.

Goal 2: Integrate doulas more cohesively into the maternity care model

Doulas offer a different skill entirely from our care providers – they truly are an extension of the team and have value that makes a difference for our patient’s birth and postpartum outcomes.

Goal 3: Elevate the doula profession through strong compensation and professional development while focusing on patients’ maternal mental health

The program has remained committed to strong compensation of the doulas.