Each Mind Matters

In collaborating with Each Mind Matters, Mission Hospital is encouraging us all to talk openly and honestly about mental health. Launched in May 2015, the outreach provides information, tools and resources to help people start conversations in a safe way. Doing so leads to early support and help that reduces needless suffering and saves lives.

Mission Hospital will be visiting communities through local in-neighborhood visits, community event participation, sponsored bus advertising, local print and broadcast public service announcements, public facility displays and more.

The Green Bench

The Green Beach

You are invited to look for a park bench adorned in lime green, the national color for mental health awareness. As a signature program element, this dynamic visual and portable display represents deep conversations with friends, loved ones and community members in a safe space.

The lime green bench will travel to and appear at local Orange County events, civic centers, community facilities, schools, shopping areas and more. If you see the green bench, share photos and videos on social media with #TheGreenBench.

Promise to Talk

Mental health is an integral part of each of us as humans. An essential way community members can be a part of the mental health movement is to “Promise to Talk” with family and friends or share their story with others.

Individuals may make a promise to talk at PromiseToTalk.org, through @PromiseToTalk via Facebook or Twitter, or in person at events where Mission Hospital is participating with Each Mind Matters. By mid-2016, Mission Hospital is striving to achieve a minimum of 1,000 promises from Orange County residents.

To learn more about Each Mind Matters activated by Mission Hospital and to make your “Promise to Talk” about mental health, visit www.PromiseToTalk.org.