James and Linda's Story

James Rogers had watched his wife face challenge after challenge with her health. Linda originally had a kidney transplant in 1995 using a deceased donor kidney. Although James was supportive through it all, he could only do so much to help her. However, when doctors told his wife that she needed yet another kidney transplant, James did more than offer his support. He offered her new life. James Rogers of Lake Forest is one of a growing number of living kidney donors. Today's living donors do not have to be blood related, which gives friends and spouses, like James, the chance to give a loved one a gift like no other.

"My wife has regained her health and quality of life," says James. "When I saw her after the surgery, I broke down and cried," he recalls. "She felt and looked so much better with a healthy kidney again."

Linda and James also have a special place in their heart for those who helped them through the transplant experience. "From the doctors to the nurses on the floor, everyone provided such wonderful, compassionate care," says Linda.

Manuel's Story

"When we discovered I was able to donate a kidney to my wife, St. Joseph Hospital made it happen. From the staff to the nurses, doctors and surgeons, we felt like we were truly cared for. I will always be thankful to St. Joseph Hospital for making live organ donation as easy as possible." - Manuel Lugo, kidney donor