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St. Mary Medical Center

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st. mary medical center

St. Mary Medical Center

With an unparalleled standard of care, St. Mary Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services ranging from wellness and prevention programs to state-of-the-art diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures.  

For more than 60 years, our commitment to reliable, compassionate and safe care has made us a leader in medical excellence for the High Desert community.

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Community support, whether through financial contributions or volunteer work, assists St. Mary Medical Center in providing the highest standard of patient care and ongoing community wellness programs in the High Desert.

By giving of yourself, you become a crucial part of this Victor Valley health care team. You help contribute to the comfort, care and well-being of our patients, their families, the staff, visitors and the community. Learn about volunteer opportunities.

Whether large or small, contributions to our Foundation make a significant difference in the lives of countless people who have sought help at St. Mary Medical Center. Ultimately, these gifts allow us to maintain the consistently high standards for which we are recognized and respected.

St. Mary Medical Center Foundation

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