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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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At St. Mary Medical Center, our cardiac rehabilitation services integrate progressive exercise, positive psychological adaptation to changes in health and education for a heart-healthy life.

What is cardiac rehab?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary program of education and exercise designed to ease the lifestyle changes patients may experience after a cardiac event. Our program specifically helps patients achieve optimal physical, psychological and functional status within the limits of their disease.

The program safely and effectively helps you overcome some of the physical complications of heart disease by building strength and endurance. Our program’s components consist of:

  • Education of the patient and the family in the recognition, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
  • Improvement or reduction of risk factors
  • Dealing with psychological factors that influence recovery from heart disease
  • Structured, progressive physical activity, either in a rehabilitative setting or home program
  • Vocational counseling

In collaboration with your physician, our team of cardiac rehab specialists, dieticians, physical and occupational therapists address your needs and design a program specifically for you. Patients who go through our program benefit from the following:

  • Improvement of exercise tolerance, symptoms and blood lipids
  • Reduction or cessation of cigarette smoking
  • Improvement of psychosocial well-being and reduction of stress
  • Reduction of mortality
  • Encouragement for patients to keep regular appointments
  • Periodic assessment of patient's progress, such as heart rate, blood pressure and weight changes
  • Covered in full or part by most insurance, including Medicare