Vocational Education

EMS Programs

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a vital component of health care, public health and public safety. On any given day, in almost every community in our nation, EMS responds to patient calls for help, 24/7. These individuals are called to serve their communities in the most trying times. Their medical decisions and skilled actions are only as good as their knowledge. At Providence Health Training, we ensure our students excel in all aspects of pre-hospital care, making the very best providers possible.

EMS Levels of Care

Scopes of practice for EMS professionals are progressive, increasing with ongoing education and licensure. The first step in your EMS career begins with an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). From there, EMT’s with at least one year of experience are eligible to apply for either an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) or Paramedic training course.

CNA Program

Patients and residents in both long-term care and acute care facilities often require a high level of daily assistance to maintain their quality of life. It is a necessary part of their care but doesn’t require the advanced skills of a trained nurse. Individually or alongside the patient care team, CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant) work to ensure the comfort and care of these patients. Typically, CNAs represent the first line of hands-on care for patients and may even have more interaction with patients than other caregivers, making them a dependable advocate for treatment and care.

Please note

The Providence Education Center campus is considered to be fully vaccinated. All participating students and staff must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination or have an approved exemption on file. Students participating in their required clinical rotations or field internships may have additional or varied requirements based on the affiliated agency or organizations policy. All documentation will be submitted with the course application packet. For questions, please send us an email.