Tumors of the Bone & Soft Tissues

The Providence orthopedic and oncology specialty teams care for patients of all ages who have noncancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant) tumors of the bone and soft tissues of the limbs. Our team of specialists utilizes the latest technology and a multidisciplinary approach to care for each patient’s specific needs. We work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcomes.


A diagnosis of cancer can feel overwhelming. And because it is a rare cancer, Sarcomas (malignant tumors) are often hard to diagnose and treat. So, it’s important that you or your loved one seeks care with a team who specializes in this disease, its treatment and the recovery plan.

Types of Sarcomas

Sarcomas are cancers that develop from bone, cartilage, tissue, fat cells, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, blood vessels, lymph vessels and mesenchymal cells. There are dozens of subtypes of soft tissue sarcomas. 

Treatment from Experts

The experts at Providence offer comprehensive, team-based treatment for soft tissue sarcomas and bone cancer. Treatments vary. Benign tumors can be managed with surgery and malignant cancers will likely need to be treated with surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. 

Since many of our patients travel to Spokane from northern Idaho, Montana, northeast Oregon and Washington, Providence orthopedic and oncology team developed the first Sarcoma Tumor Board which connects physicians from around the region to create customized treatment plans for complex cases. And to help ensure the continuation of that treatment plan, our team works closely with providers in the patient’s hometown to help minimize their need for travel to Spokane.

Providence is your experienced, compassionate team ready to help.