For Survivors

More than ever, cancer is a disease that people survive. From the day we meet you, your survivorship is the goal we have in mind as we develop and deliver your personalized treatment plan. Once your treatment is complete, we’re here with the follow-up care and support services to build your health and help you live your life to the fullest in every way.

As the personal stories of cancer survivors will tell you, our patients not only survive, but they also go on to lead active, healthy lives—often with newfound perspective and sense of purpose. Many want to reach out and help other cancer patients, and you'll find many ways to do so right here.

Survivorship care is a specific approach to address needs of patients upon completion of active cancer treatment (potentially surgery, radiation, chemotherapy). The cancer experience extends from diagnosis, through treatment, to wellness. The Survivorship Program at Providence Regional Cancer Partnership provides transitional care once active treatment is complete. 

The Survivorship Program consists of two primary components: 

  • Survivorship medical appointment
  • Survivorship series

Survivorship Medical Appointment

At the completion of active cancer treatment, most patients are scheduled for a survivorship medical appointment. During your survivorship visit you will receive a Cancer Treatment Summary and a Survivorship Care Plan, which is shared with you and your primary care provider. This visit will focus on management of ongoing symptoms, awareness of potential late effects, healthy lifestyle and psychosocial aspects of cancer survivorship. A cancer survivorship visit may occur in a shared visit format with other patients or individually. The goal of the visit is to assist you after treatment by supporting your physical and emotional health. Survivorship appointments are charged as regular medical visits and are billed to your insurance plan. 

Survivorship Workshop

The Providence Regional Cancer Partnership offers a Survivorship Workshop to help you adjust to life after treatment. As part of your health care team, we will help you create a wellness plan that is tailored to your needs and helps you maximize available resources.

The Survivorship Workshop is held quarterly at the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership. Registered participants will join us for a half-day seminar broken into two 90-minute sessions featuring a multidisciplinary group of providers and professionals. Light refreshments will be provided during a break between sessions.

2024 Workshop Date

  • Thursday, Feb 29
  • Thursday, May 16
  • Thursday, Aug 22
  • Thursday, Nov 21

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

1717, 13th St.
Everett, WA 98201
First Floor Conference Room A/B

Learn more about the survivorship workshop.

Other Services for Survivors:

  • Integrative medicine, including mind-body medicine, naturopathic care, acupuncture, oncology massage
  • Yoga classes
  • Dietitian consultations
  • Nutrition classes
  • Support groups

For more information about Survivorship Services, call 425-297-5507.

Life after cancer

Fighting cancer can be a journey for a lifetime. When you’re putting your energy and focus into getting treatment and getting better, it’s natural not to be thinking too much about what life will be like afterward. But survivors today can find everything they need to stay healthy and tackle the physical and emotional challenges that come after cancer.

At the Cancer Partnership, we'll help you with a variety of resources that help you regain your strength, your well-being—your life. Long after your treatment is complete, our care and support keep making a difference.

Follow-up care

Completing your cancer treatment is a major milestone. But at the Cancer Partnership, our care for you goes beyond your treatment because we know there’s even more we can do to help you build your strength and health.

Once you’ve finished your treatment here, your doctor and care team will create a follow-up care plan. This plan will include the regular follow-up visits so important to monitoring your health and giving you time to ask any questions.

Getting strong after cancer treatment is not only a physical experience. As in most difficult experiences in life, you may come out of this one looking at the world differently. Many patients find our counseling services or spiritual care to be a tremendous help in re-entering, and often redefining, “everyday life.” Your care team may suggest these and other support services as part of your follow-up care plan.

Spiritual services

Everyone draws on different resources during and after cancer treatment. For many patients, spiritual resources are an important part of their experience.

The chaplains at the Cancer Partnership are here to help you through any emotional or spiritual aspects of your journey. Professionally trained and board-certified, our chaplains are great listeners who do everything possible to support you and your family regardless of your religious beliefs. We strongly believe in respecting the cultural and spiritual diversity of those we serve.

To request a chaplain, call 425-261-4550.

After your cancer treatment, you’ll find a whole community of fellow survivors and organizations to help you get the information and support you’re looking for. Increase your body’s strength and flexibility. Get one-on-one support from other survivors who understand what you’re going through. And learn new tools to regain a sense of control and hopefulness. The following are just some of the best resources for cancer survivors available to you online and in your local community.

Who better to help a cancer patient through their journey than someone who’s walked in their shoes? Volunteering is a great way to celebrate your survivorship and help others through their cancer experience.

Every day at the Cancer Partnership, volunteers help us go “above and beyond” in our attention to the individual needs of cancer patients. Thanks to their thoughtful presence, we’re able to offer an even more personalized approach.

Volunteers might work in the Cancer Resource Center, help drive patients to their medical care as part of the Road to Recovery program, or strengthen a patient’s self-image through the “Look Good…Feel Better” class. The opportunities are diverse, and we look for ways to match them with your skills and interests.

In order to make sure the volunteer experience is rewarding and benefits our patients, we ask all volunteers to take part in formal training offered by Providence and the American Cancer Society.

Ready to volunteer?

Call the Providence Volunteer Office at 425-261-4580 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..

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