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Digital in action: Why you’ll want to download the Providence app
With new features and functions to support every step of your health journey, you won’t want to wait to download the Providence app.
Understanding PTSD: A guide to support and care
Licensed therapists at Providence explore signs, symptoms and ways to support someone with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Cancer survivorship: A guide to living with and beyond cancer
June is National Cancer Survivor Month, but we honor people with cancer, no matter where they are on their journey, every day of the year. Find out about the survivorship program at Providence Cancer
Providence researchers contribute study findings at ASCO 2024 meeting, May 31- June 3
The annual meeting of cancer experts is a platform to collaborate and accelerate cancer research findings into clinical applications.
Exercise and nutrition lead to optimal men’s health
Providence Chief Medical Officer Dan Getz, D.O., says exercise and nutrition is key to men’s health and wellness, including strong heart and brain health.
Get active: Guide to family fun
Do you and your kids need to move more? Providence has some ideas for how you can stay physically fit as a family.
A proactive health guide for people 40+
After you reach 40, it becomes more likely that the normal aging process will introduce new and perhaps surprising health concerns.
Providence advocates for LGBTQIA+ patients and families
A mom serves on Providence’s Patient and Family Advisory Council to represent her trans daughter and the LGBTQ community to ensure staff education and more.
Attend free virtual event on MRI-guided radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer
Providence Cancer Institute presents a free virtual education event about MRI-guided radiation therapy and how it is used to treat pancreatic cancer.
What you need to know: All the feelings during the postpartum period
Feeling a wide range of emotions is a normal part of the postpartum period. Learn how to cope with these life and hormone changes in a positive way.
Two keys to good men’s health are prevention and detection
Providence Chief Medical Officer Dan Getz, D.O., focuses on prevention for men’s health, as well as early detection of cancer and other illness.
Digital in action: Improving patient navigation with Grace
From managing the “admin” of your health care to finding the right care for your symptoms, Grace, Providence’s chatbot, is making access to care easier.
Cancer studies seek to harness the power of the immune system
Explore three innovative studies targeting uveal melanoma, melanoma and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Learn why these studies offer hope for more effective cancer treatments.
You're never too old to get moving!
If you’re 65 or older, regular exercise can do more than just keep you fit. It can also lower your risk for heart disease, osteoarthritis and falls.
Mobile Health Clinic offers free care in local communities
The bilingual staff of the Providence Mobile Health Clinic bring health equity and personalized, free medical care to those who are uninsured and unhoused.
Food poisoning is no picnic! Keep food safe this summer
Warmer temperatures increase the risk for foodborne bacteria. Keep your food safe at the next family picnic with these simple rules.
Comprehensive guide to women’s health
Explore our in-depth guide on why women's health care needs differ, including heart health, pregnancy, pelvic health and more
Ask an expert: Recognizing stroke symptoms
A Providence expert explains the different types of strokes, how to quickly identify stroke symptoms using the BE FAST acronym and ways to prevent strokes.
Providence’s Better Birthing Project honors tribal cultures
The Better Birthing Project honors tribal cultures by using native doulas, creating birth plans that respect traditions, and ensuring follow-up care.
Understanding your stomach pain: When to worry
Everyone experiences stomach pain at some point in their lives, but there are some stomach symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.
Your culture and your pregnancy: 5 tips for advocating for your ideal experience
Your culture plays an important role in shaping your pregnancy experience. Here are five tips for voicing your cultural preferences during your pregnancy and delivery.
What you need to know about food allergies
A Providence allergist and immunologist shares tips for people living with food allergies on how to stay safe and avoid severe reactions.
Expert tips for skin cancer prevention
Discover essential skin cancer prevention tips from the experts at Providence, and learn how to protect your skin effectively.
There is hope for pregnant people battling substance abuse
Recovery from addiction is hard, but it’s especially difficult when you’re pregnant. Caregivers talk about how they help at Addiction Recovery Services.
How to prioritize your mental health
Learn to prioritize mental health with our guide. Find essential tips for all ages that cover awareness, support and managing mental health conditions.
Understanding children’s mental health
A child or teen’s mental health is important to their quality of life. Learn the symptoms to watch for and when to see your pediatrician.
Understanding Parkinson’s disease and debunking myths
Discover the truth about Parkinson's Disease, from myths debunked to the latest treatment advancements. Learn key facts and figures at Providence.
Curbing carbon emissions with efficient and renewable energy
Hospitals use a lot of energy. Providence is finding ways to cut that use with efficient, renewable alternatives that enhance patient care and comfort.
New vaccine being studied for HPV+ head and neck cancer
Researchers at Providence Cancer Institute are exploring a range of innovative approaches to targeting human papillomavirus-positive head and neck squamous cell cancer.
Providence provides award-winning health care to rural areas
Colville resident Mary Selecky needed wound care. Thanks to Providence Mount Carmel Hospital, she received quality health care close to home.