Stay Informed: Latest News

Mobile Health Clinic offers free care in local communities
The bilingual staff of the Providence Mobile Health Clinic bring health equity and personalized, free medical care to those who are uninsured and unhoused.
Comprehensive guide to women’s health
Explore our in-depth guide on why women's health care needs differ, including heart health, pregnancy, pelvic health and more
Ask an expert: Recognizing stroke symptoms
A Providence expert explains the different types of strokes, how to quickly identify stroke symptoms using the BE FAST acronym and ways to prevent strokes.
Providence’s Better Birthing Project honors tribal cultures
The Better Birthing Project honors tribal cultures by using native doulas, creating birth plans that respect traditions, and ensuring follow-up care.
Understanding your stomach pain: When to worry
Everyone experiences stomach pain at some point in their lives, but there are some stomach symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.
Your culture and your pregnancy: 5 tips for advocating for your ideal experience
Your culture plays an important role in shaping your pregnancy experience. Here are five tips for voicing your cultural preferences during your pregnancy and delivery.
What you need to know about food allergies
A Providence allergist and immunologist shares tips for people living with food allergies on how to stay safe and avoid severe reactions.
Expert tips for skin cancer prevention
Discover essential skin cancer prevention tips from the experts at Providence, and learn how to protect your skin effectively.
There is hope for pregnant people battling substance abuse
Recovery from addiction is hard, but it’s especially difficult when you’re pregnant. Caregivers talk about how they help at Addiction Recovery Services.
How to prioritize your mental health
Learn to prioritize mental health with our guide. Find essential tips for all ages that cover awareness, support and managing mental health conditions.
Understanding children’s mental health
A child or teen’s mental health is important to their quality of life. Learn the symptoms to watch for and when to see your pediatrician.
Understanding Parkinson’s disease and debunking myths
Discover the truth about Parkinson's Disease, from myths debunked to the latest treatment advancements. Learn key facts and figures at Providence.
Curbing carbon emissions with efficient and renewable energy
Hospitals use a lot of energy. Providence is finding ways to cut that use with efficient, renewable alternatives that enhance patient care and comfort.
New vaccine being studied for HPV+ head and neck cancer
Researchers at Providence Cancer Institute are exploring a range of innovative approaches to targeting human papillomavirus-positive head and neck squamous cell cancer.
Providence provides award-winning health care to rural areas
Colville resident Mary Selecky needed wound care. Thanks to Providence Mount Carmel Hospital, she received quality health care close to home.
Five tips to lower blood pressure without medication
Do you have high blood pressure, or hypertension? If so, you may need medication, but there are also lifestyle changes you can make to get healthier.
Celebrating Women in Science
In honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science we highlight a researcher at Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, the research arm of Providence Cancer Institute.
Could you have cataracts? Learn the symptoms.
If you live long enough, you will eventually develop cataracts. A Providence ophthalmologist debunks some of the most common myths about cataracts.
How midwives help parents have healthy deliveries
When you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to keep all the different roles straight — midwife, doula or obstetrician. Here’s how to tell them apart.
Effective strategies for managing epilepsy
Learn key strategies for managing epilepsy from the doctors at Providence. Understand triggers, treatments and lifestyle tips to manage epilepsy effectively.
Celebrating World Immunology Day
Providence Cancer Institute researcher shares her journey to immunology and the advice she has for those seeking a career in cancer research.
How bad is it to take expired medication?
Many of the medications in your medicine cabinet may be expired, but some are safer than others to take past their expiration date.
Learn the common signs of testicular cancer
If you are a man between the ages of 20 and 35, you should be performing testicular self-examinations to look for cancer. Here, we teach you what to look for.
Learn common myths about vaccines and which ones you need
The last week of April is World Immunization Week 2024. Here, a Providence family medicine doctor discusses some common myths about vaccines.
Quick allergy relief methods
Discover the fastest ways to get rid of allergies. Our guide offers effective tips and remedies for quick allergy relief from the experts at Providence.
When to see your doctor about lower abdominal pain
A Providence gastroenterologist shares what you need to know about lower abdominal pain, including common causes and signs you should seek medical care.
Get screened, says wife who lost her husband to neck cancer
Providence Senior Vice President, Chief Philanthropy Officer Laurie Kelley lost her husband to cancer. She wants to save others from the same outcome.
Moving past “healthy mom, healthy baby” for Black mothers
As Providence celebrates Black Maternal Health Week, we recognize the importance of providing holistic care for Black birthing parents and babies.
Praia Health: Powering health care where you need it
The latest spinout from Providence’s Digital Innovation Group, Praia Health is powering personalization in the Providence app and beyond.
The many ways alcohol affects your health
An addiction medicine doctor breaks down the harmful mental and physical impacts of alcohol, while also providing some tips for healthier habits.