Stay Informed: Latest News

When to see your doctor about lower abdominal pain
A Providence gastroenterologist shares what you need to know about lower abdominal pain, including common causes and signs you should seek medical care.
New vaccine being studied for HPV-positive head and neck cancers
Researchers at Providence Cancer Institute are exploring a range of innovative approaches to targeting human papillomavirus-positive head and neck squamous cell cancer.
Get screened, says wife who lost her husband to neck cancer
Providence Senior Vice President, Chief Philanthropy Officer Laurie Kelley lost her husband to cancer. She wants to save others from the same outcome.
Moving past “healthy mom, healthy baby” for Black mothers
As Providence celebrates Black Maternal Health Week, we recognize the importance of providing holistic care for Black birthing parents and babies.
Praia Health: Powering health care where you need it
The latest spinout from Providence’s Digital Innovation Group, Praia Health is powering personalization in the Providence app and beyond.
The many ways alcohol affects your health
An addiction medicine doctor breaks down the harmful mental and physical impacts of alcohol, while also providing some tips for healthier habits.
Building climate resilient health care and communities
Being climate resilient means preparing, responding to and recovering from the health impacts of climate change. Learn how Providence is building climate resilience in the communities we serve.
Cook with us: Blackened shrimp and pesto quinoa bowl
Join Providence and Homemade for a free, online cooking classes. In less than an hour, you’ll be enjoying a nutrition-packed quinoa bowl.
Recognizing autism in children
Learn the early signs of autism in children ages 1-3. Get insights on symptoms, diagnosis and support from Providence’s Autism Center.
A couple and their NICU caregivers forge lasting friendships
When a new mom developed preeclampsia and had to deliver her baby early, the NICU team was there to care for their new son — and for them.
Addressing mental health disparities
Minority groups can face challenges when seeking mental health care.
Providence is working to end health inequities related to sepsis
A Providence internal medicine physician shares what we’re doing to end health inequities that affect sepsis patient outcomes.
Frontotemporal dementia has come into the spotlight
With Wendy Williams’ and Bruce Willis’ recent frontotemporal dementia (FTD) diagnoses, more people have wondered about the condition. Here’s some info.
Celebrating our oncology social workers
In recognition of National Social Work Month, Darlene Corral, LCSW, shares a little insight into the importance of oncology social workers.
Myths and facts about colorectal cancer screening
Many people have the wrong idea about what happens during colorectal cancer screening. Here, we debunk the myths.
How Providence supports employees with disabilities
For Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we talk about how important it is to support our employees with developmental disabilities.
How promoting apoptosis in new study may help people with cancer
In a new clinical trial open at Providence Cancer Institute, the therapy IGM-8444 aims to promote apoptosis, potentially slowing down the growth of DR5-positive tumor cells.
Providence resumes normal operations following Change Healthcare cyberattack
Please see this important update about refilling your prescriptions from a Providence hospital, clinic or physician.
Healthy eating tips for older adults
Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is important as we get older. Providence Swedish Dietitian Meghann Karch has tips on how to eat healthy as you age.
Talking to an expert: The crucial role of nutrition in cancer care
In honor of National Nutrition Month® Alyssa George, MA, RDN, program manager at Oncology Nutrition, Providence Cancer Institute, talks about the important connection between cancer and nutrition.
Digital in action: Finding the right care with the Providence app
From triaging symptoms to meeting on-demand with a caregiver, the Providence app makes it easy to find the right type of care for your specific health concerns.
Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
Learn how the visionary nuns who founded Providence incorporate the Women’s History Month ideals of equity, diversity and inclusion into their work.
Virtual education: Food and common cancer myths
Providence registered dietitian Christina Speaks, MS, RDN, LD, shares valuable information about food and common cancer myths.
Kidney disease: Signs and symptoms you should know
A Providence nephrologist shares what you need to know about kidney disease, including early signs and symptoms and when to seek medical care.
Promising results of amivantamab studies appear in high-profile journals
New articles co-authored by Dr. Rachel Sanborn feature amivantamab studies for people with NSCLC.
Learn how to sleep better at night
Are you getting enough rest? Learn how much sleep you need to stay healthy, and get tips to improve your quality of sleep.
Cook with us: Herbed salmon with asparagus
Join Providence and Homemade for a free, online cooking classes. In less than an hour, you’ll be enjoying a fresh tasting salmon and asparagus.
Genetic testing helped one mom fight breast cancer early
Genetic testing can help you learn your risk for cancer early, when you can better fight it. One mom credits genetic testing with saving her life.
FDA approves cellular therapy, offering hope to more people with cancer
The Food and Drug Administration has approved an adoptive cell therapy for adult patients with melanoma that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic).
Common signs and symptoms of a concussion
Learn the key signs and symptoms of a concussion, so you know when to seek medical help.