Stay Informed: Latest News

Q&A with a Providence dermatology expert
Get expert insights on skin health from our Q&A with a leading dermatologist. Discover tips and advice on maintaining healthy skin.
Providing support for Black mothers beyond the traditional “healthy mom, healthy baby” approach
At Providence, we recognize the importance of providing holistic care and comprehensive prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum support for Black birthing parents and babies.
Update: Providence response to CrowdStrike outage
Providence has made considerable progress in restoring services since last Friday
Complete guide to healthy hydration
Master the art of staying hydrated with our in-depth guide from a doctor. Learn the benefits, how much water you need and tips for effective hydration.
Providence response to CrowdStrike outage
Our IT teams have been working overnight to respond to the issue and have restored key functionality in the Epic electronic health record.
Juvenile arthritis: Signs and understanding
Providence specialists offer comprehensive insights on juvenile arthritis, including symptoms, treatment options and support tips for families.
UV protection guide: Stay safe in the sun
Learn effective strategies to protect yourself from UV rays and find out if you can get sunburned in the shade. Stay sun-safe with Providence.
Supporting loved ones through the loss of a child
The death of a child is devastating. Providence experts have advice on how you can support grieving parents.
Bloomberg Green Festival: Engaging leaders for climate solutions
As a partner of the Bloomberg Green Festival, Providence is collaborating with local and national leaders on innovative climate change solutions.
Climate justice is a health issue
Climate change doesn’t impact all communities equally. Learn how Providence is working to increase health equity by building more resilient communities.
Learn how you can eat better to feel better
Did you know that what you eat can affect your mood? Learn more about the research into how food is related to our mental health.
Curbing the impacts of climate on health
Learn how Providence is leading the health care sector to lower the effects of climate change on the health of our planet and the people who live on it.
Fostering equity in mental heath
Learn about the challenges and obstacles to mental health care that minority communities face and how Providence is working to improve access.
Caring for our common home: Environmental stewardship at Providence
Reducing our carbon emissions and building climate resilience. Learn where we are heading in 2024 and beyond.
Insect bite guide: Spiders, ticks and fleas
Discover how to identify and treat bites from spiders, fleas, ticks and more. Get expert guidance and insect bite safety tips from Providence.
Summer safety tips for the family
Learn from our expert the keys to keeping your family safe this summer in the water, sun and heat.
The evolution of cancer immunotherapy: Dr. Urba shares his insights
Providence Cancer Institute chief medical officer Walter J. Urba, M.D., Ph.D. talks about the evolution of immunotherapy in the past three decades and his vision for its future.
Do adults need immunizations, too?
Kids aren't the only ones who need up-to-date immunizations. Adults need their shots to help stay healthy. Which shots we need depends on factors like lifestyle, age, travel plans, overall health...
Understanding scoliosis: Facts and insights
Get the facts about scoliosis, from causes to treatment options, from the experts at Providence.
Emmy-nominated film features Providence patients, researchers in pursuit of revolutionary cancer therapy
"Within Reach: The Fight to Finish Cancer" follows patient participants and teams of researchers and clinicians at Providence Cancer Institute working to create a living drug for incurable cancers.
Targeting cancer cells: Two studies take different approaches
A study designed to treat recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer looks at an antibody drug conjugate, and a second study for people with advanced breast cancer evaluates a drug that degrades estrogen rec
Celebrating stewardship: Honoring Practice Greenhealth winners
Providence hospitals earned 55 Practice Greenhealth Awards in 2024. Learn more about the work these sites are doing to make health care more sustainable.
Sexual function and testosterone are key to men’s health
Sexual function isn’t easy to talk about, but Providence’s Dan Getz, D.O., explains why men need to find a provider they’re comfortable discussing it with.
Myasthenia gravis vs. ALS: Symptoms, causes and treatment
Discover the distinct symptoms, causes and treatments of myasthenia gravis and ALS. Learn how Providence can help you manage these conditions effectively.
Juneteenth is a holiday for all races
Learn about why June 19 has been a federal holiday since 2021, and why it’s so important for Americans.
Learn common myths about vaccines and which ones you need
A Providence family medicine doctor discusses some of the most common myths about vaccines and which ones you need.
Good sleep can improve men’s mental and overall health
Providence Chief Medical Officer Dan Getz, D.O., explains how getting a good night’s sleep can improve men’s mental health and overall wellness.
Digital in action: Why you’ll want to download the Providence app
With new features and functions to support every step of your health journey, you won’t want to wait to download the Providence app.
Understanding PTSD: A guide to support and care
Licensed therapists at Providence explore signs, symptoms and ways to support someone with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Cancer survivorship: A guide to living with and beyond cancer
June is National Cancer Survivor Month, but we honor people with cancer, no matter where they are on their journey, every day of the year. Find out about the survivorship program at Providence Cancer