New Hangar Opened for Specialty Transport Fleet

Covenant Children's is proud to announce the opening of their new Kite Flight hangar, the home of their specialty transport fleet. 

In February 2023, Chet Pharies & Kevin Reed, co-owners of ClearTech Aviation, made a multi-million-dollar investment in Covenant Children's to build a hangar for our specialty transport fleet, serving pediatric and maternal patients. 

Currently, the fleet includes Kite Flight, our pediatric & maternal transport helicopter, as well as three ambulances. Our specialty transport team is comprised of pediatric and maternal health experts. This year, Kite Flight is on track to transport nearly 700 patients, covering more than 100,000 square miles. 

With this new hangar, located at Lubbock Executive Airpark in south Lubbock, Kite Flight teams will have faster response times, ensuring more efficient patient care.