Compassionate Care

Our goal is to provide you with compassionate care every step of your cancer journey. Please call us or fill out this online form to request an appointment with our expert care team.


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We do more than treat cancer, we foster supportive partnerships with you and your loved ones. We believe in collaboration and holistic cancer care that supports mind, body and spirit, every step of your journey.

You’ll have a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and cancer care specialists working in collaboration on your behalf to ensure the most effective treatment options are incorporated into your personal care plan.

Our specialized teams include: medical, surgical and radiation oncologists; hematologists, pathologists, technicians and therapists; oncology nurses, researchers, physical and personal rehabilitation therapists and nutritionists; social workers and spiritual care providers.

Certain factors, including family history, may increase your chance of developing cancer. Providence recognizes the importance of assessing your cancer risk and detecting the disease early, when there is a greater chance of successfully treating it.

If you have a history of cancer in your family, we can provide information about hereditary cancer and genetics. Our clinical genetics program has specially trained genetic counselors and physicians who can discuss ways to minimize your cancer risk as much as possible.

Screening is also an essential part of cancer care and prevention. Our doctors have developed screening guidelines for the most common cancers – breast, cervical, colorectal, head and neck, ovarian, prostate and skin cancer. We offer many screening services throughout Southern California.

When you or your family member is diagnosed with cancer, it can feel overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re facing an array of decisions, medical specialists and unfamiliar language. Our nurse navigators can help you during this time. Specially trained and experienced in oncology care, our nurse navigators are available to support you from diagnosis through treatment, and beyond.

Your nurse navigator is the person you can turn to for answers and resources. From teaching you how to manage side effects of your treatment, to helping coordinate services and communicating with your medical team, your nurse navigator will remain personally involved in your care through every step.

Advances in cancer care and research now mean that a significant number of people who receive cancer treatment survive the disease. Following cancer treatment, survivors turn their focus from beating the disease to learning how to adjust to everyday life again.

For many cancer survivors and their caregivers, the years after cancer treatment introduce a different set of challenges and concerns. Our survivorship, wellness and rehabilitation programs are designed to help cancer survivors navigate many of the issues brought on by this stage of the journey, such as changes in the body after cancer treatment; emotional and physical symptom management; finding support groups; and pursuing appropriate follow-up care.