Environmental Stewardship

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Cover of Providence resilience plan

Providence’s Climate Resilience Plan

Resilience: Part of Our Commitment to Climate Action

Our Bold Commitment

The Providence family of organizations has a vision of health for a better world. As such, we are called to care wisely for our communities, resources, and earth. Our organizations strive to become carbon negative by 2030.

This bold commitment goes beyond addressing carbon emissions. The climate crisis cannot be solved without also responding to social and racial inequities.

We are committed to health equity, including environmental equity, as climate change impacts worsen, and disparities and inequities widen due to historical and structural causes of oppression.

The current crisis calls for us to act boldly, with compassion. We are doing so by helping to care for our common home, ensuring equity today, and passing a healthy planet to the generations of tomorrow.

View Providence's Climate Action Plan.

Rod Hochman, MD - President & CEO, Providence “We know the progress made across the globe in the next decade will dictate the long-term health of our planet, which is why we are taking significant action now. We alone, however, cannot make enough meaningful progress. Large scale, systemic changes are urgently needed at the industry and individual level. We invite others to partner with us on our journey to become carbon negative, to share practices, innovate and accelerate this important work. Together, we can navigate this challenging but vitally important path for the health and well-being of all.”
– Rod Hochman, MD, President & CEO, Providence


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