Environmental Stewardship News

Building climate resilient health care and communities
Being climate resilient means preparing, responding to and recovering from the health impacts of climate change. Learn how Providence is building climate resilience in the communities we serve.
Sustainable plates: How Providence is curbing food waste
From low-waste recipes to new ways to use old ingredients, Providence is cutting back on the food waste it’s sending to the landfill.
Streamlining supplies: How Providence is avoiding waste in health care
Health care doesn’t have to be wasteful. Learn how a new system at Providence is cutting back on unnecessary operating room supplies.
Environmental Stewardship at Providence: 2023 Year in Review
We’re constantly working to lower our carbon footprint throughout Providence. Learn what we achieved in 2023 – and where we’re heading in 2024.
6 Tips for a more sustainable holiday season
The holidays are a time of more food, gifts and celebration. Learn how to make them more sustainable this year with tips from Providence.
Partnering for good: How collaboration can reduce emissions
Learn how partnerships are a critical part of reducing the estimated 8.5% of national greenhouse gas emissions coming from the health care sector.
Providence Alaska recognized for exemplary environmental stewardship
Practice Greenhealth has recognized Providence Alaska Medical Center and Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center for exemplary environmental stewardship.
Caring for Creation: How Providence's Commitment to the Environment is Rooted in Our Mission
Learn how the work Providence is doing to support the environment is deeply connected to our Mission, the Catholic faith and Catholic health care.
Charging forward: How Providence is working to curb transportation emissions
From electric vehicles to alternative commuting, learn about the efforts Providence is taking to lower emissions from transportation.
A new way to count calories: How Providence is cutting back on food waste
Learn how leaders at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Montana are supporting the planet by reducing food waste throughout the hospital.
Providence St. Joseph Hospital recognized for excellence in environmental stewardship
Hospital awarded with Practice Greenhealth's Partner for Change award for the its commitment to environmental excellence.
29 Providence hospitals earn Greenhealth recognition
29 Providence hospitals earn Greenhealth recognition
Supporting our planet with clinical environmental stewardship
How we practice health care in our clinics is a big part of how we support our planet. Learn how we care for our communities with the Earth in mind.
Providence names first medical director for environmental stewardship
Providence announced that Brian Chesebro, M.D., is joining its national advocacy and social responsibility division as the first medical director of environmental stewardship.
Volunteer for Earth Day 2023
We all have a part to play in protecting our planet. Learn how the Providence community is planning to volunteer to help the cause this Earth Day.
How we’re improving our environmental resiliency at Providence
Climate resiliency impacts how we deliver care to patients, what we bring to our communities and how we operationalize our work.
How we’re improving our chemical and anesthetic use
At Providence, we’re working to protect our environment. Chemical management – including anesthetics – is an important part of that effort. Learn how.
How we’re improving our energy use
At Providence, we’re working to lower our carbon footprint, and our energy use is an important part of that effort. Learn how.
Environmental Stewardship at Providence: WE ACT 2022 Year in Review
At Providence, we’re making strides to lower our carbon footprint. Learn what we achieved in 2022.
How we’re cutting down our landfill waste
At Providence, we’re diverting waste from landfills to lower our carbon footprint. Here’s how.
How we're reducing the carbon intensity of food
We’re working to reduce the carbon footprint of our food services at Providence. Here’s how.
Water conservation tips to save water at home
Learn more of our complete guide on how to save water at home.
Practice Greenhealth awards 29 Providence hospitals
National environmental leader recognizes our work towards carbon negative goal.
A recap of the first Providence Environmental Stewardship report
View Providence’s 2021 Environmental Stewardship Report. It includes data, detailing our progress towards becoming carbon negative by 2030.
Providence releases first Environmental Stewardship report
Providence is pleased to share our first Environmental Stewardship Report highlighting our environmentally sustainable practices.
Providence commits to reducing waste in the healthcare industry
A discussion between healthcare leaders in the environmental, energy and sustainability sectors discussing the importance of culture change toward waste.
Providence leaders host a discussion on climate anxiety
A discussion between executives and students about the importance of mental health around climate anxiety.
Tips for a more environmentally responsible holiday season
The holiday season produces large amounts of waste. Learn how you can celebrate the holidays and protect the Earth.
5 ways to protect your health during a climate crisis
Taking small actions now can help you better protect your health during an extreme weather event. Learn more.
Eco-anxiety is real and it’s impacting our children
Children are anxious about the climate, too, and they need adults to help them. Learn how to better support the kids in your life.