Environmental Stewardship News

At Providence, we’re working to lower our carbon footprint, and our energy use is an important part of that effort. Learn how.
At Providence, we’re making strides to lower our carbon footprint. Learn what we achieved in 2022.
At Providence, we’re diverting waste from landfills to lower our carbon footprint. Here’s how.
We’re working to reduce the carbon footprint of our food services at Providence. Here’s how.
Learn more of our complete guide on how to save water at home.
National environmental leader recognizes our work towards carbon negative goal.
View Providence’s 2021 Environmental Stewardship Report. It includes data, detailing our progress towards becoming carbon negative by 2030.
Providence is pleased to share our first Environmental Stewardship Report highlighting our environmentally sustainable practices.
A discussion between healthcare leaders in the environmental, energy and sustainability sectors discussing the importance of culture change toward waste.
A discussion between executives and students about the importance of mental health around climate anxiety.
The holiday season produces large amounts of waste. Learn how you can celebrate the holidays and protect the Earth.
Taking small actions now can help you better protect your health during an extreme weather event. Learn more.
Children are anxious about the climate, too, and they need adults to help them. Learn how to better support the kids in your life.
Climate change drives bigger weather events with serious health implications. Learn more about the impacts.
Health systems must be part of the climate change conversation and solution. Learn how Providence is making an impact.
Providence has a strategic climate plan that outlines five areas to address to reach our goal of being carbon negative by 2030. Climate resilience is a key part of the plan.
Practice Greenhealth awarded 23 of our acute ministries the “Environmental Excellence” award, the most ever for Providence.
Healthcare contributes to a major public health threat – climate change. Learn how your choices can make a difference.
At Providence, we are driven by a faith that we are here to be caretakers of Earth. We believe in the common good and building communities that support environmental stewardship.
A look at the first year of Providence's journey to carbon negativity.