Letter from Father Thomas, OSB

Prior of Mount Angel Abbey, Mount Angel, Oregon, to Sister Superior, Vancouver, Washington, January 21, 1902 

"Rev. Sister: I sympathize with you in your sorrow over the loss of the great and noble Mother Joseph. May she receive the crown of life she battled for and so richly deserves. I shall attend the funeral services either in person or send Rev. F. William, my procurator, to represent me in case business should prevent me. So much is going on here as we are preparing to build the College that an absence of a few days often causes delays or difficulties. With the expression of distinguished respect, I am yours in [Christ], F. Thomas, OSB, Prior"

According to an account of the funeral, Father William was present, but not Father Thomas. Surely Mother Joseph of all people would have understood his desire not to delay the building project and would have readily forgiven his absence!

(13) Personal Papers of Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart:
Biography, Death, 1902: Letters of Condolence, S-Z
Providence Archives, Seattle, WA