Letter from Reverend Charles J. O'Reilly

Portland, Oregon, to the Sisters in Vancouver, Washington, January 20, 1902

"Esteemed sisters:

It will be for me a sacred duty to attend the solemn obsequies of the sainted Mother Joseph on Thursday. In common with all who knew her great soul and wonderful virtues, I had a profound admiration for her saintly character, and her memory will long remain fresh in my mind. It would be but just to her memory to publish an extended notice of her life and labors, and I respectfully place the columns of the Catholic Sentinel at your disposal for this work of religion and charity. Begging you to accept my sincere sentiments of sympathy in the great loss suffered by your community in the death of Mother Joseph, I remain, yours truly in Christ, C. J. O'Reilly."

As editor and publisher of the Catholic Sentinel, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Portland, Father O'Reilly made good on his promise to print a full account of the life and death of Mother Joseph. He was a benefactor of the sisters and the students at Providence Academy, and always looking for stories that illustrated the good work of the Catholic Church. The following year, he was named the first bishop of the Diocese of Baker City, Oregon.

(13) Personal Papers of Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart:
Biography, Death, 1902: Letters of Condolence, A-R
Providence Archives, Seattle, WA