Letter from Sister Jean Baptiste

Provincial Superior, Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, St. Mary's Academy, Portland, Oregon, to Mother Superior, Vancouver, Washington, March 10, 1902

"Dear Mother, Many thanks for the memorial cards for dear Mother Joseph. They find their place among the many souvenirs we have of a life that deserves to be remembered; and the remembrances of a valiant woman which are profitable as well as pleasant to recall. Yours in Jesus and Mary, Sr. J. Baptiste, Prov. Sup."

Mother Joseph was a dear friend and benefactor to the Sisters of the Holy Names, particularly in the years following their arrival in Portland in 1859. Numerous letters in the archives attest to the mutual love and support shared by the two pioneering religious communities.

(13) Personal Papers of Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart:
Biography, Death, 1902: Letters of Condolence, A-R
Providence Archives, Seattle, WA