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Emergency Services

Providence Seward Medical Center & Care Center
3336.4 miles away
Open 24 hours a day

Emergency Services

Open 24 hours a day
Providence Seward Medical Center & Care Center
3336.4 miles away

When you need emergency treatment for a serious illness or accident, go to the Emergency Department at Providence Seward Medical Center or call 911.

As a designated critical access hospital and Level IV trauma center, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive emergency services to the Seward community and surrounding area. Our department is fully staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with an experienced team of doctors and nurses trained in adult and pediatric emergency care.

Our team cares for serious illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention – especially those that could be life-threatening or lead to a disability.

Come to the Emergency Department if you:

  • Are having trouble breathing
  • Are having symptoms of a heart attack (pain or pressure in your chest or arm, fatigue, dizziness, or cold sweat)
  • Are having symptoms of a stroke (numbness or weakness on one side of your face or of your arm or leg, trouble walking or keeping your balance, confusion, or trouble speaking)
  • Have a serious wound or burn
  • Have a broken bone that has pierced the skin
  • Have a severe head injury or headache
  • Have sudden vision loss
  • Think you need emergency care

Infants younger than 3 months old should be brought to the Emergency Department immediately if they have a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you don’t think you can wait to drive to the hospital, call 911 for help.

We are a full-service emergency department, including imaging and laboratory services, with the ability to assess and treat a wide variety of conditions. Our team has immediate access to the hospital’s imaging and laboratory services, which helps us evaluate your condition quickly. We follow the latest emergency medicine protocols and use the most advanced medical technologies, including telemedicine for stroke, psychiatric and intensive care patients. The PSMCC Emergency Department received Level IV trauma recertification in August 2019.

Emergency department wait times

Our wait times vary by time of year. The summer months are typically our busiest months due to an influx of seasonal work and tourism. Please know that, no matter how busy, patients with more serious cases are seen first.

For tourists

If you’re visiting us from out of the state or country, please bring a list of the medications you’re currently taking, including dosages and frequency. This will help us provide you with better care.

Your emergency services care team at Providence Seward Medical & Care Center includes board-certified doctors who specialize in emergency medicine and family medicine as well as registered nurses who are certified in basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, trauma nursing and pediatric advanced life support. This group was trained specifically to care for patients who come to the Emergency Department. Their knowledge and skills are crucial in urgent situations.

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