Providence St. Elias Specialty Hospital Building

Providence St. Elias Specialty Hospital

3340.3 miles away
Fax: 907-561-3332

Providence St. Elias Specialty Hospital

3340.3 miles away
Fax: 907-561-3332
Critical Illness Recovery and Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Providence St. Elias Specialty Hospital, we provide customized, physician-driven services for patients requiring longer stays in an acute care environment due to multiple or complex medical conditions. We are not a permanent placement for patients; rather we are an answer for many patients who are acutely ill and need to take the first steps towards critical illness recovery, rehabilitation, or home.

Critical illness recovery patients are admitted to St. Elias from a traditional acute care hospital, often from the Intensive Care Unit. Families of patients are welcome to contact us to see if we might be an option for their loved one.

Alaskans now have the opportunity to receive advanced inpatient rehabilitation care in Anchorage, rather than traveling outside the state, leaving loved ones and support networks behind. St. Elias’s 30 bed inpatient rehabilitation facility offers intensive inpatient rehabilitation care options to Alaskans from across the state. The highly specialized intensive therapy approach minimizes the amount of time that patients stay in the hospital. St. Elias is dedicated to helping patients achieve their highest level of recovery goals, so that they can live as independently as possible.

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Providence St. Elias Specialty Hospital is owned by Providence Health System. The hospital has 56 beds, almost all private rooms. St. Elias features state of the art equipment and facilities to provide extended inpatient acute care for patients. 

St. Elias’s critical illness recovery units offer the same in-depth care patients would receive in a traditional hospital or intensive care setting, while specializing in care for patie nts needing an extended period for recovery. St. Elias partners with patients’ physicians and specialized care teams to offer 24-hour clinical care seven days a week to support the journey to wellness and recovery. 

St. Elias’s inpatient rehabilitation facility brings together treatments, technology, and specialized care.

Conditions treated

  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Orthopedic issues 
  • Brain injuries  
  • Other complex medical surgical conditions

St. Elias is proud to serve Alaska with a uniquely specialized Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician team composed of doctors with specialty training and certifications in spinal cord injury, brain injury and stroke.

Large, modern gym with windows overlooking snowy landscape.

Inpatient rehabilitation patients come to St. Elias after health events such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, and other complex medical conditions. This medically-based, interdisciplinary intensive rehabilitation approach provides highly-focused care to improve or restore physical ability and cognitive function. St. Elias uses intensive, active, coordinated and therapeutic interventions of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and prosthetics/orthotics therapy.

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Admission Criteria

For physicians the process is easy. Simply write an order to “Consult St. Elias Specialty Hospital of Alaska”. The nurse or case manager receiving the order will call us to arrange for a Clinical Nurse Liaison to evaluate your patient.

For patients currently hospitalized in facilities that utilize Providence Epic, a referral can be made in the electronic medical record for an inpatient rehabilitation consult. For other facilities and home-based patients, please contact our referral hotline at 907-565-CARE.

Patient is/ or may have:

  • Multi-system failure
  • TPN needs
  • CVA
  • MRSA/VRE or other complicated infections
  • Complex Wounds

Patient may require some the following treatments, but are not limited to:

  • Ventilator/Tracheostomy Management
  • Extensive respiratory care/tracheostomy/chest tubes
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Extensive wound care
  • IV antibiotic therapy
  • Daily physician visit

Other general indicators of a patient’s LTACH/LTCH eligibility:

  • Patient is currently in ICU
  • Patient’s medical needs are too extensive to transfer to lower level of care, such as a skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation unit, or home health.
  • Patient’s rehabilitation is compromised by acute medical issues.
  • Patients are at risk for medical complications upon discharge.
  • Patient has history of multiple readmissions

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