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Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

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Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

At Kadlec, our goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you return to the highest level of independence possible at home, work and in our community.

We promote independence and responsibility in the rehabilitation process. We place a strong emphasis on getting you back to your maximum level of functioning and developing a program you can follow at home.

Our rehabilitation services are provided to hospitalized patients, outpatients and to patients specifically admitted to our inpatient rehabilitation unit. Our therapists offer services including:

  • Physical therapy, to help you develop independence through new functional skills and using current abilities to their maximum advantage.
  • Occupational therapy, to improve your ability to perform tasks in your daily living and working environments.
  • Speech therapy, our Speech-Language Pathology team is made of certified professionals with experience in working with both children and adults, including those with disabilities.