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Cardiac Care

2156.7 miles away
2156.7 miles away

At Kadlec Regional Medical Center, we combat cardiovascular disease with skilled care and the latest technology. Our dedicated, experienced staff combines excellence with compassion for patients. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care, while meeting the needs of patients and their families before, during and after surgery.

Kadlec is a recipient of the Cardiac Care Outcomes Assessment Program (COAP) Performance Recognition Award. This award goes to hospitals that perform at or better than the state average on at least six of eight key quality indicators in the prior assessment year, with no metrics more than two standard deviations worse than the state average and all data submitted on time. Kadlec Regional Medical Center performed at or better than the state average in six of these eight quality metrics.


Kadlec provides general, interventional and electrophysiology cardiology services to find, evaluate and treat diseases and conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels.

Cardiac catheterization

Cardiac catheterization, often referred to as “heart cath,” is an X-ray study of the heart used to diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions.

Cardiac/Neuro Care Stepdown Unit

At Kadlec, we have the region’s first Cardiac Unit dedicated to the special care required for patients who are recovering from open heart surgery, heart attacks or vascular surgery.

Cardiopulmonary exercise test

This test safely measures the performance of the heart and lungs under stress to help determine if symptoms are due to a medical problem such as heart or lung disease or due to poor fitness.

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation involves exercise, education and professional medical guidance to help you recover safely from a cardiac and pulmonary procedure.

Cardiac surgery

Kadlec offers the latest surgical techniques and innovations, performed by experienced board-certified cardiac surgeons.

Cardiothoracic surgery

Kadlec’s cardiothoracic surgery team treats a variety of disorders of heart, lungs and aorta as a part of the region’s only open-heart surgery program.

Vascular surgery

Kadlec’s vascular surgeons offer the latest methods and techniques to treat diseases affecting the arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels.

Vascular and interventional radiology

Interventional radiology, or guided imagery, uses minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat some cardiac conditions.