Safe Medicine Disposal Bin

Safe Medicine Disposal BinSafe Medicine Disposal Bin is located at Healdsburg Hospital in the lobby of the Emergency Department entrance.

  • Pills, Capsules, Blister Packs: Pour into a re-sealable plastic bag. Recycle pill bottles at home.
  • Liquids, Ointments, Creams, Lotions: Black out personal information or remove label. Leave in
    original container and place in a re-sealable plastic bag.
  • In Healdsburg, there are 2 locations for drop-off: Healdsburg hospital and the Police Department


  • Controlled Substances, Schedule II-V
  • Prescription and over-the-counter pills and capsules
  • Liquid medications including ointments, lotions, and creams (in sealed containers please!)
  • Veterinary medications
  • Vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies
  • Medical patches
  • Inhalers (empty)
  • Medical Samples

Not Okay

  • NO Needles/sharps/ EPIPENS
  • NO Schedule I Controlled substances (examples: LSD, heroin)
  • NO Cannabis (medical or recreational)
  • NO Illegal drugs
  • NO IV bags
  • NO Bloody or infectious waste
  • NO Personal care products (body lotion, shampoo, etc)
  • NO Aerosol cans
  • NO Thermometers or medical devices