Interdisciplinary Team

Our staff works as an interdisciplinary team made up of Hospice Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Spiritual Care Providers, Hospice Aides, and Volunteers. The team meets daily to ensure patients are receiving quality, compassionate care.
  • Leadership Team
    Chris Falley
    Director of Hospice Services

    Amy Chevrolet
    Manager of Counseling Services

    Codie Welsh
    Manager of Volunteer Services & Community Education

    Craig Sheffer
    Manager of Clinical Services

    Victory Fox
    Supervisor of Patient Care Hospice

    Sherri Oster
    Manager of Hospice Business Office

    Candace Hillard
    Supervisor of Health Information Services

    Josephine Martin
    Supervisor of Hospice Patient Accounts
  • Hospice Physicians
    Hospice patients remain under the care of their primary physician and any specialists they have been seeing. In addition, they have the benefit of our hospice physicians who have special training in pain and symptom management designed to keep patients comfortable. Hospice physicians work closely with the primary physician, and hospice nurses in order to provide optimal care for the patient and family.

    Gary Johanson, MD
    Katy Murray, MD
    PJ Lally, MD
    Scott Eberle, MD
    Jenny Fish, MD
    Andrew Wagner, MD
    Austin Sue, MD
  • Grief Support
    Grief services are supported by donations and fund raising efforts, and are offered in both English and Spanish, at no charge to the recipient, although any and all financial contributions are gratefully accepted.
  • Hospice Advisory Board
    Executive Committee
    • Chris Falley
    • Inese Heinzel* (Chair)
    • Pat Schaefer* (Co-Chair)
    • Paul Von Go?ried* (Past Chair)
    • Pat Anderson*
    • Diane Carlson Sullivan*
    • Amy Chevrolet
    • Rebecca Evert*
    • Sally Gordon*
    • Sarah Hafner*
    • Gary Johanson
    • Alison Leras
    • Donna Lippi
    • Barbara MacKenzie*
    • Jack Neureuter*
    • Sherri Oster
    • Mary Peterson
    • Craig Sheffer
    • Jenifer Tantarelli
    • Anna Taylor*
    • Cathy Thomas*
    • Codie Welsh
    • Alan Ziff*

    * denotes volunteer

  • Nurses
    Each patient receives home visits from a nurse. Our nurses develop close relationships with patients and families, learning about medical issues and concerns and are quick to respond.

    We have a nurse on call by telephone 24 hours a day.
  • Spiritual Care Providers
    Some people may experience a crisis of faith during the course of a serious illness and family members may find themselves facing difficult and ethical questions. Our Spiritual Care Providers help people find their own sense of meaning and purpose in a situation that may bring up strong feelings and challenge deeply held beliefs.
  • Social Workers
    Part of our team approach includes the services of a social worker. Social workers are especially knowledgeable about insurance, financial aid programs, and other community resources that can prove invaluable when caring for a seriously ill family member. In addition, they have training to help patients and family members cope with difficult emotional issues that may come up in the context of serious illness.
  • Volunteers
    Our hospice is blessed with compassionate and caring members of our community who have participated in our volunteer training program. Frequently they have cared for a seriously ill friend or relative, so they know what you are going through. They can offer a sympathetic ear, lend a hand with daily tasks, and provide an opportunity for the person you care for to visit with someone new.