Volunteering at Providence Cancer Institute

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Providence Cancer Institute. We are grateful to our volunteers for dedicating their time to help ease the way of cancer patients and their families by providing support and a welcoming environment. In order to ensure the best experience possible, we ask that our volunteers make a commitment of four hours per week (100 hours) for at least six months. There are a few positions that are an exception to this requirement.

Please indicate in the additional information section if you are interested in working specifically in the Cancer Institute. After an application is received, we look at open positions, interests, qualifications and availability to see if we can find a match. If appropriate, we will arrange for an informal interview.

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Participate in Providence sponsored runs, walks and celebrations to finish cancer. Various events run from May – October. Join us!

Please visit FinishCancer Team Events for more information.

Guest Concierge

Greet and welcome patients as they arrive at the lobby of Providence Cancer Institute, creating a positive atmosphere with a caring presence. Provide directions or walk patients to their destination, offering information about what Providence has to offer.

Library Specialist

Welcome patients and families and offer to assist them by identifying and accessing resources and information within the Jill Lematta Learning Center. Check books in and out as well as monitor supply of fliers, pamphlets and other resource materials.

Peer Support

Cancer survivors who have been out of active treatment for over one year and would like to offer one-on-one guidance and support to help patients adjust to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from cancer using your own experiences with the disease.