Housing and Health

Woman carrying box of itemsCORE’s extensive housing and health research explores the complex relationship between housing, health, and healthcare.

Housing and health are inextricably linked. Without a safe place to call home, it’s nearly impossible to focus on basic health and medical needs. Yet across the United States, communities face an extreme shortage of affordable housing and a complex system with systemic barriers to housing that disproportionately impact vulnerable and marginalized communities. These challenges are further complicated by current events – from the COVID-19 pandemic to wildfires.

In response, health systems, housing agencies, advocates, and others are experimenting with a wide range of solutions. CORE works in partnership with organizations and stakeholders to better understand the connection between housing and health and evaluate the impact of promising housing programs on health outcomes. Our work in this area helps drive more impactful policies and programs that improve health and equity in communities around the Pacific Northwest and beyond

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