Meet Ralph and Katie

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“I’ve lost a small person,” says Katie, still amazed at her trim new size. It’s been just over a year since she and her husband, Ralph, both had gastric bypass surgery at the Providence Center for Weight Management. Since then, Katie’s weight has dropped from 283 pounds to 150. Ralph now weighs in at 146, down from 303. “The numbers are important,” he says, “but just feeling healthy is the greatest success. It’s life changing.”

The couple had lost weight on other programs before, but when their motivation ebbed, the weight always returned. Then Katie visited a friend who’d had weight-loss surgery at Providence. “She told me how great the Providence program was, and it just felt right for me.” When Katie told Ralph about it, “I was ready,” he says. “I had all kinds of health problems creeping up on me, and I was scared. I knew I needed help.” Ralph jumped onto Providence’s website and signed them both up for the seminar.

Ralph and Katie's story before surgery image

Today, both agree, their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner. “The program completely sets you up for success, and the success you have is powerfully motivating,” says Ralph. His previous severe sleep apnea and high blood pressure aren’t issues at all anymore. Katie’s constant knee and foot pain have vanished, and she is no longer prediabetic. “Before, just bending over to tie my shoes left me breathless,” says Ralph. “Now, everything is easier. This program gave us our lives back.