Swimming Analysis

If you’re a swimmer, a swim stroke analysis can help identify the causes of any pain you may be feeling and help improve your efficiency in the water. Using advanced in-pool analysis, Providence sports rehabilitation uses multi-angle videos to help correct your technique and reduce the risk of injury.

Using an endless pool, we have you swim against an adjustable current, similar to running on a treadmill. You and your therapist will evaluate the video to discuss issues that may be causing pain or decreasing your performance. You’ll then receive an individual plan to help correct these issues.

All levels of swimmers can benefit from swim stroke analysis, including:

  • USA Olympic swimmers
  • Recreational and high school swimmers
  • Masters swimmers

Expert Analysis

You’ll receive your swim stroke analysis from Sybil Hedrick, an occupational and certified hand therapist at Providence. She was the first Oregonian to swim the English Channel alone and is uniquely qualified to analyze your stroke technique and help improve your swimming.

Providence Sports Injuries Therapy and Prevention offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment, focusing on returning injured athletes to activity as quickly and safely as possible. Since every sport requires something different of an athlete, your particular sport or exercise routine will play an integral role in your evaluation and treatment plan.