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Understand the difference between robotic and traditional total knee replacement, and learn the advantages of robotic technology such as ROSA Knee.

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Having chronic knee pain shouldn’t mean giving up the things you love. Thankfully, Providence a has new way to keep you moving: ROSA® Knee robotic technology. Your specially trained surgeons and expert staff will provide a knee replacement solution tailored for you and your unique anatomy.

Your preoperative experience will be like that of most total knee patients. But unlike traditional knee replacement methods, with ROSA Knee, a series of X-rays may be used to create a three-dimensional (3D) model of your knee anatomy. This 3D model will enable the surgeon to plan many specifics of your knee replacement prior to your surgery.

The surgical procedure using ROSA Knee is similar to traditional total knee replacement, but with a robotic assistant. Your surgeon has been specially trained to use ROSA Knee in order to personalize the surgical approach for your unique anatomy. It’s important to understand that the robot does not operate on its own. That means it does not move unless your surgeon prompts it to. Your surgeon is still in the operating room the entire time and is making all of the decisions throughout your surgery. During your procedure, ROSA Knee utilizes a camera and optical trackers attached to your leg to know exactly where your knee is in space. This helps ensure that the plan your surgeon put into place is executed as intended. Throughout your surgery, ROSA Knee provides your surgeon with data about your knee. This information, combined with your surgeon’s skill, helps them know how to position your implant based on your unique anatomy.

Following surgery, you will be hospitalized based upon the recovery plan your surgeon decides is best for you. Recovery time varies, but most people should be able to drive after two weeks, garden after three to four weeks, and golf after six to eight weeks. Your surgeon will tell you when and what activities you can return to, and what activities to avoid.

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