Patients and Visitors

If this is your first hospital visit, you probably have many concerns regarding your care - such as what to expect, who to ask questions of, and what is the best way to participate in your recovery. The following information should answer many of your questions and make you feel more comfortable about your hospitalization.

Our team of nurses, doctors, technologists, technicians, therapists, and support staff all share in the Providence tradition of caring. Together, we are dedicated to providing skills and services necessary to give you excellent, respectful care.

You are the key member of your healthcare team, and because of that we encourage you to become involved in your health care. Ask questions. Tell us your concerns, hopes, and needs related to your care, treatment, services or any patient safety issues. With your assistance, we can work toward our mutual goal - giving you excellent care in a supportive environment.

Our Patient Guide has answers to many of your questions and can help you feel more comfortable about your hospitalization.

Patient Guide

Important phone numbers
  • Main hospital number: 310-832-3311
  • Patient Engagement Center: 1-844-510-4325 (class registration, physician referral and community resource referrals)

Please read our current visitor policy for more information.

We recognize the important role visitors play in our patients’ recovery. However, we ask visitors to consider all patients' needs for adequate periods of rest and quiet. Care for the patient is our first priority and this may, at times, require suspension of visiting privileges.

Special guidelines for visiting Critical Care patients

  • Visitors are limited to immediate family members, and no more than two at a time
  • Visiting is allowed for five minutes out of an hour, 24 hours a day
  • Visiting is not allowed 6:30 - 8 a.m. and 6:30 - 8 p.m.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the Critical Care Center

Great care creates an environment where interactions are sacred and love, compassion and empathy flourish. Recognize and individual or department submitting the form below.