Medicine Assisted Treatment (MAT)

St. Joseph Hospital Medicine Assisted Treatment (or MAT) program is for individuals struggling with a substance use disorder – specifically opioids. In addition, for those struggling with alcohol (ethanol alcohol or ETOH), we offer medicine assisted treatment through our DAY Foundation Program.

These programs focus primarily on psychotherapy assisted by psychiatric prescribed medication designed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Our program consists of weekly or bi-weekly visits with a therapist and regular visits with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner for medication management.

Some insurance plans cover the MAT program while some don’t. At this time we have access to grant funding and our financial counselors are available to discuss with you eligibility, coverage and options that may suit your individual needs. To speak with a financial counselor, call 800-378-4189.

Our Team

Our expert team consists of several types of providers that are here to assist you.

  • Psychiatrist: A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that also has specialized training in mental health. This means that they are able to prescribe medications to assist in treatment and the recovery process.
  • Psychologist: A psychologist is a doctor specifically licensed to treat mental health disorders. Their treatment is psychotherapy or “talk-therapy” with proven results.
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner: A psychiatric NP is a licensed nurse who is also specifically trained in mental health who can prescribe medications to assist in treatment.
  • Licensed therapists: A licensed therapist can either be a licensed clinical social worker or a licensed marriage and family therapist, both of which are trained to provide psychotherapy for mental health and substance use issues.

If you are ready to take the next step and would like to schedule an evaluation appointment, please contact us today at 714-771-8085.