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Maternal Diabetes and Wellness Center

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Designed for women diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy, our Maternal Diabetes and Wellness Center provides education and treatment for expectant mothers in a comfortable and empathetic setting.

At the Maternal Diabetes Center, our goal is to ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. With our compassionate and custom care sessions, our patients have been able to improve their habits, leading to happy and healthy families.

During your one-on-one sessions, you and a loved one have the opportunity to learn how to monitor your blood sugar and develop a plan to balance food and activity levels. Follow-up appointments are available as needed to manage your diabetes during pregnancy.

The program is directed by Tamera Hatfield, MD, a board-certified perinatologist. Our nurse educators and registered dietitian, under the guidance of our certified nurse practitioner, will instruct you about managing diabetes both during and after your pregnancy.

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